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Since Powerful Words will be celebrating teachers, coaches, instructors, and mentors this month with our annual Teacher Appreciation Week, you might be wondering how to show gratitude for the greats. Whether you’re a student, parent, grandparent, or community member, you likely come into contact with some wonderful teachers who you would like to thank.

Everyone likes to be told that they’re doing a great job. Our teachers are some of our most valuable resources whether they teach your children during the school day or in the after school hours.

Here are some ideas to get the most powerful parents started:

  • Send out a press release: Press releases are simple and free. Write up a letter from the class or school and send it to the press for all the community to see. Send a picture of the teacher or of the teacher with his or her students with the press release.

  • Prepare a meal: Take turns with some other parents bringing in breakfast or lunch for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

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