I’m always glad to see martial arts in the movies. Even the corny kung fu movies are fun for me and I have imense respect for actors like Jackie Chan for his tremendous work in stunt choreography and for actors Jet Li and Steven Segal because they were first martial arts champions before turning to acting.

There’s a range of new martial arts movies coming out this year and it seems that a movie called NEVER BACK DOWN is being released. From what I can tell of the previews it seems a lot like Fast and the Furious with MMA instead of cars. The movie is adult/teen oriented, and with a PG-13 rating I don’t think that it’s going to be a good one for kids to go see. However, if the teens and adults want to go on a group outing to see it, I think it would be fun.

At NeverBackDownTheMovie.com they have a link where you can see one of the stars of the movie Cam Gigandet and Pro-MMA Fighter and Traininer Bas Rutten discussing Mixed Martial Arts moves. I thought that was a pretty cool extra, I find Bas Rutten to be a pretty entertaining and upstanding guy.

I have pasted the preview as well as a story synopsis for you.

Set against the action-packed world of Mixed Martial Arts, NEVER BACK DOWN is the story of Jake Tyler, a tough kid who leads with his fists, and, often, with his heart. Jake Tyler, played by Sean Faris (Yours, Mine and Ours), is the new kid in town with a troubled past. He has recently moved to Orlando, Florida with his family who has relocated to support his younger brother’s shot at a professional tennis career. Jake was a star athlete on the football team at home, but in this new city he is an outsider with a reputation for being a quick tempered brawler.

Making an attempt to fit in, and at the invitation of a flirtatious classmate, Baja, played by Amber Heard (Hidden Palms, Alpha Dog), Jake goes to a party where he is unwittingly pulled into a fight with a bully named Ryan McCarthy, played by Cam Gigandet (The O.C., Who’s Your Caddy?). While he is defeated and humiliated in the fight, a classmate introduces himself to Jake and tells him about the sport known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He sees a star in Jake and asks that he meet with his mentor, Jean Roqua, played by Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond, In America).

It is immediately apparent to Jake that MMA is not street fighting, but rather an art form he wants to master. Roqua will take Jake under his wing, but it is up to Jake to find the patience, discipline, willingness and reason within him to succeed. For Jake, there is much more at stake than mere victory. His decision will not just settle a score; it will define who he is.

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