Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers FishHawk and Wesley Chapel locations have announced it’s Theme and “big” field trips line up for the 2018 Year. To get more information and Register, click here:

WEEK ONE- Diving Down Deep Week (May 28th – June 1st): Dive deep into the world of marine animals for this sea based week. Students will learn about a variety of our ocean friends, make some fin-tastic crafts and use this new perspective as we incorporate the agility of these amazing animals into our tae-kwon-do classes.

Keynote Field Trip: Florida Aquarium

WEEK TWO- Way Back in Time (June 4th – 8th): Prehistoric Predators aren’t the only ones having an amazing time at this camp

Keynote Field Trip: Dinosaur world

WEEK THREE- ANARCTIC ADVENTURES (June 11th-14th): Who doesn’t want to escape to somewhere chilly in the middle of the Florida summer? Students will take a much needed trip to a cold ice-skating rink, have fun playing with ice during our park trip and make crafts that will make you go brrrr! In classes we will focus on their intensity as we ramp to the end of this week you snow they won’t want to miss!

Keynote Field Trip: Ice Skating

WEEK FOUR- Big Top Week (June 18th – 22nd ): Come one, come all as we experience a week of life under the big top! From a trip to the amazing Ringling Museum, featuring a circus performance, to working on flexibility in classes students will leap right into the world of circus performers in this one of a kind extravaganza.

Keynote Field trip: Ringling Museum

WEEK FIVE- Sunshine State Week (June 25th – 29th): Ever wanted to learn more about history? Then this is the week for you! This week we will visit a museum, have decade dance parties and learn about the development of tae-kwon-do. Join us as we travel back in time to have a blast!

Keynote Field Trip: Florida History Museum

WEEK SIX- Olympkicks (July 2nd – 6th): This week is all about channeling our Olympic Spirit! 


WEEK SEVEN- Outdoor Explorers Week (July 9th – 13th): Kids spend more time indoors than ever before. This week is all about exploring the outdoors of Florida and learning about what we find.

Keynote Field Trip: Bok Tower

WEEK EIGHT- Mad Science Week ( July 16th – 20th): Have a budding scientist in your house? This week students will get to explore and satisfy their scientific curiosity. Through creativity and courage our students will get to experience in-house experiments and learn new skills in a special seminar!

Keynote Field Trip: Glazer’s Children’s Museum

WEEK NINE- Wonders of Nature Week (July 23rd – 27th

Keynote Field Trip: Crystal Springs

WEEK TEN- Seaside Week (July 30th – August 3rd): This week we’ll explore the coast life that will culminate with an amazing presentation and trip to the Florida coast to see the tide pools and learn about life along the coast of Florida.

Keynote Field Trip and Presentation: Tide Pools with Dr. Kevin Beach




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