13935041_10154419723009704_4059905750882679809_nSometimes young children deal with separation anxiety when back to school time rolls around. Honestly, some parents have trouble separating from their children too.

In both cases, those feelings are totally normal!

Your 3 Tips:

1. Start a school routine early!
* get your kids’ bodies set for school hours by establishing a routine now vs the first day:)

2. Hook your kids up with Fun school gear!
* make sure to get a list of the essentials but try and find what helps your kid be excited about going and showing off their cool stuff.

3. Talk and Read about school
* describe some emotions they might have and let them know it’s ok and what makes things fun and interesting. Plenty of books out there:)

Bonus Tip!!!
Check out the school and meet the teachers!
* take advantage of any orientation nights and chance to visit the classroom and meet the teacher. This is so important in easing beginning of school anxieties for your little ones to know the teacher.

I learned a lot of this from my wife for our sons’ introduction to pre-school and when I combined these with other coaching points that we use at Sidekicks, I would say they did fantastic!

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