Today is May 1st! Happy May Day! It’s the start of a new month, so let’s make the most of it!
Here is some information and a few resources to help you and your family be successful this month.

1) As always, Sidekicks is among the top martial arts schools in the nation and our newsletter ‘Inside Sidekicks’ proves it. It’s packed with articles and news you can use. Check it out!

Go to:

2) May’s Powerful Word is Teamwork
a. Watch Dr. Robyn Silverman’s video introducing the Powerful word. Don’t forget to check back at our blog for more articles and the most up to date news.

b. Read the information on pages 6 and 7 of the newsletter about teamwork.
c. Download and print out the Powerful Projects for Teamwork, complete them and bring them to the school by May 15th for STARS Points.

Download the Powerful Projects – (requires user name and password):

For more information about the STARS Program:
d. Don’t forget to pay attention in class as we continue our discussion about Teamwork during class.
3) Today is the absolute last day to sign up if you want to go see Star Trek and participate in the lock-in. I will be buying the tickets tomorrow. If you want to go, hit reply right now and let me know.
4) On Wednesday, I sent out an e-mail about the special anti-abduction and safety day on May 30th. There was a link to the .zip file that had all the resources for help us get the word out. Did you get the email? If not, here is a direct link to those resources and all the pertinent information.
If you can’t unzip the file, let me know and I’ll help you out. By the way, it’s important that we move quickly on this so that we can get the letters out in time and do the proper follow up to ensure success! Please follow the directions to make at least 10 hard copies of the letter and address 10 envelopes. Once that’s done, I’m okay with you also e-mailing you’re whole address book. However, studies show that snail mail is still one of the most effective ways of promotion. If you are a business professional with clients in this area, feel free to also send this letter to them. I will be happy to pay for the postage if you bring them to me. We’re trying to have all letters back by May 8th.
5) Summer is rapidly approaching and with is comes our awesome Summer Camps. Registration is now open. See the newsletter for all the details.
6) Master Cabrera has started a new e-newsletter called ‘The Black Belt’s Guide.’ It’s part of his efforts in developing a book by the same name and features a wealth of information, knowledge and advice from 40 years of martial arts training and study. There is a lot of good stuff. Grandmaster Hardin has already called Master Cabrera and complimented him on them.

Master Cabrera has invited Sidekicks students and families to subscribe to this e-newsletter. This is a big honor. If you would like to subscribe go to:
7) Some of you have asked about Sarah Goodman, the red belt that recently learned she has a tumor on her brain stem. She’s doing well and I got this letter from her mom:
On 4/28:
Everything went well today, not only were they able to get good tissue samples, but they also were able to drain the cyst that was on the tumor.

Sarah did really well too. She came out of the anesthesia relatively quickly and after a little while was able to eat well. She was really tired though.

Tomorrow we get the results, benign or malignant and what exactly it is. Then comes the daunting task of forming the protocol of treatment. The severity of it lies in its position. They have to be extremely careful, more so than in other parts of the brain because it’s on the brain stem. So keep up the prayers. It seems to be working so far
Yesterday 4/30:
She’s home! Weak but home. We won’t know the results until Friday, or at least the preliminary results. The stitches should come out next week. I’m still in a frequent state of panic. Thank G-d for cigarettes! Sarah’s emotions have leveled a bit. While in the hospital the steroids made her an emotional basket case. Now she’s almost the complete opposite. She can smile but it hurts her head when she laughs. I also think she may be a bit overwhelmed by all the emotions of the adults around her.

Keep up the prayers! We have a long road ahead of us!

8) How’s business? Want more? Did you know that referral based marketing is one of the best ways to promote you business and increase sales? In fact, motivational speaker and success coach Anthony Robbins says that, “one referral equals 10 cold calls.” I’m a member of a referral networking group called BNI (Business Network International or as they like to say “Bigger Net Income”) that meets right here in the Valrico/Lithia area.

Thank you for your support and concern. As we learn more about how we can help the Goodman’s during this time, we’ll let you know

The purpose of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term meaningful relationships with quality local business professionals.

I’m going to my next breakfast meeting on Thursday, May 7th. If you are interested in being my guest and learning more about referral based marketing, e-mail me now and I’ll send you the details.
9) Did you know that Sidekicks has teamed up with the Osprey Observer to help support the local economy? Osprey Observer’s Shop Local campaign is a great way to learn about awesome local businesses and even win prizes. Help Sidekicks become a featured business by going to the Osprey Observer website and tell them about what a great experience you have here at Sidekicks.
If you we have the most positive and enthusiastic testimonials, they will do a write up about us in the paper!
Go to:
10) Last, our dog Rowdy is an Australian Cattle Dog with a lot of energy. In order to make sure we get his energy out and so that he’s not cooped up in his crate while we’re at work, we take him to Canine Cabana three times a week. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd Canine Cabana will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary with an Open House from 10 AM to 1 PM.

You’re invited to tour the facility, meet nutrition experts, local veterinarians, and behaviorists, rescue groups, learn about their boarding and daycare, and of course sample some great local food, have some fun and even win some giveaways! Well behaved dogs – on leash – are also invited.

For more information visit or call 672 – WOOF (9663)
Well, that should get May off on the right foot. See you in class!

Manny Cabrera III
Chief Instructor
Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers

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