The goal of each and every student at Sidekicks is to develop the self-defense capabilities, values, qualities and character of a black belt!  Through constant positive reenforcement , students become accustomed to making black belt excellence a life-long habit.  These habits are constantly being emphasized in our martial arts classes through our Black Belt Excellence Stars Program.

 Many students are already familiar with the Red Stars program.  The Black Belt Excellence Stars incorporates the best parts of the old program while bringing in some new elements.  Through the Black Belt Excellence Lessons of the Week, Monthly BBE Homework Sheets, and through our positive work and reward system, students learn to develop a habit of excellence is a sure-fire system that constantly teaches, reminds and drive students towards self-improvement Lessons of the Week:

 Most of you are already aware that the martial arts teaches many life-skills and character lessons.  The link between physical activity and mental discipline is one that has been honed and developed in many cultures for thousands of years.  In fact, many of the techniques, drills, and games we use everyday in class have a corresponding mental benefit.

 However, in today’s day and age, with so many types of people training in the martial arts we want to make sure everyone learns the valuable lessons of a black belt and can apply them to their everyday lives.  Each month has a focus that is accompanied by a lesson each week in class that centers around a different aspect of the monthly theme.  The lessons are taught in an age appropriate manner to ensure that the lessons are learned and is relevant to each age group.  Each one of our fully qualified instructors undergoes continuous training to further make these skills a success for students.

 POWerful Words Sheets: 

Every month, to accompany our monthly theme, students will be given a homework sheet to help reinforce that theme at home, school, and to keep them focused on applying the lessons of a black belt outside of our martial arts schools.  It has a little lesson that allows parents to support our efforts in class, as well as, an assignment for the student to complete and return by a specific due date.  This has the added benefit of teaching goal setting and responsibility.

 NOTE TO PARENTS:  It is important that you and your child discuss the monthly theme, reflecting on the Lessons of the Week and Excellence Sheets so that he or she understands that you are their main source fo support in these valuable life skills.  Without your vigilant support for the methods and ideas at Sidekicks, our junior students would not be nearly as successful as they are on their black belt journeys.

 Black Belt Excellence Stars: 

Past experience with students just like yours has shown us that all the lessons, stories, and discussion is worthless if we don’t encourage our students to put those skills into action…Everyday!  For this reason we utilize the Black Belt Excellence Stars Program.  Through a constant method of work and reward students earn recognition for exhibiting the traits of a black belt.  Students earn points for achieving and participating in certain activities.  Points records are maintained in the office.  At each promotion dinner, the points are totaled and students receive a red start for each twenty-five points earned.  There is no limit to the number of stars you may earn.  The stars may be proudly worn on the lapel of your uniform.  Points are now divided into three categories: Academic Success, Personal Success, and Martial Arts Success.  If you were already participating in the Red Stars program pleas read carefully as some of the point values may have changed.

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