14611163_10154610302189704_5068107984961952377_nIt’s that time of year again. Hurricane season! And while we are always hoping that the weather isn’t bad enough to cancel, sometimes it’s just out of our hands.

So to help you guys out we’ve come up with 9 different ways to keep your kids happy during a storm!

What are activities your family does?

1. Build a sofa fort using couch cushions, blankets, and pillows, build a fort with your kids and read stories or watch a movie marathon.

2. Decorate sugar cookies, either store bought or using grandma’s old recipe. Kids always appreciate a good cookie. 😉

3. Create a special rainy day box with toys & board games that they only play with when it rains.

4. Use masking tape to create roads on the kitchen floor. Your kids will love creating it and racing with their cars after. Not to mention that giant ball of tape after clean up.

5. Have a Lego building contest. Tallest tower wins!

6. Make a list of physical games that will help your kids burn off energy from being cooped up in the house.

7. Give them jobs to do that make them feel helpful as part of your family’s emergency plan.

8. Gather together and make a mini-workbook to give them brain challenges or color or craft activity to do while the storm is in.

9. Get together costumes and old clothes and put on a talent show for each other. Parents should dress up too! 😉



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