By Manny Cabrera III

At Sidekicks we’re always focused on high levels of achievement centered around our idea of Black Belt Excellence.  For students, doing our best and pushing ourselves to achieve goals is simply part of life.  That’s why martial arts instruction is so effective in helping children and adults lead extraordinary lives.

However, it’s important to understand that to achieve any goal or task there are four major components that are required.  They are Leadership, Commitment, Vision, and to Believe in Yourself.

Tom Landry once said, “Leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve.”  Being a leader requires you to take decisive action and to make excellent plans.  However, you are not a leader if nobody follows you.  Fortunately, you don’t have that problem!  By setting the example of a black belt, others will naturally follow your lead.  Sometimes, they may resist when you challenge them to do the right thing or work towards a goal and that may be difficult to learn at first.  Don’t let this bother you!  Being a great leader sometimes means getting them to do something they don’t want to do so they can get the results they are looking for in the first place.  You can all achieve great things together if you agree on what your common goals are.  Once you commit to those goals (like earning your black belt), it’s up to you to do your part as a leader to help lead people there through your example!  Use your knowledge and personality to inspire them to follow you to heights they never imagined!  They may grumble along the way, but once you show them the results, you will soar!

Some things are very easily achieved: boiling a pot of water or brushing your teeth, for instance.  These, however, are not the things of which dreams are made.  To achieve your greatest dreams and desires, there are usually more steps involved than simply putting some water in a pot or toothpaste on a brush.  You have big dreams for yourself that not only require effort, but also commitment.  Think about your dreams as a great big house.  Each action you put towards fulfilling that dream is like a single brick.  It takes many bricks to build a house.  You’ve got to stay committed to laying one brick after another until the house is complete.  What good is a house if you build everything except the roof?  How secure can it be if you build everything except the front door?  Be committed to fulfilling every detail necessary to achieve your dreams.  When you think you’re finished, go that extra mile to ensure that your dreams are built on a foundation that will last a lifetime!

No doubt; at some time in your life you were a dreamer.  You had to have big dreams to get you where you are today,  but those dreams also gave way to hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  Making your dreams reality requires you to hitch your dream to an action that turns each new dream into a reality.  The bigger your dreams grow, the more assistance you need to accomplish them.  Communicate clearly and effectivly when you have a vision that requires a team of people to get there.  If you don’t see it, they won’t see it and they won’t know what to do.  Take a little time everyday to meditate on what goals you’d like to accomplish that day, week, month.  Get your vision as crystal clear in your mind as possible so you can explain your vision to others in your team.  The more you and they take ownership of your vision, the more quickly it can become a dream fulfilled.

Everybody has an opinion.  How much you believe in your personal goals and your ability to achieve them is what makes the difference between achieving success and getting lost in all the different opinions and ideas.  Only you can decide what your true course is to be.  Taking opinions is necessary, but deciding for yourself what advice to keep and what advice to discard requires a strong belief in your own ideals, ideals, and beliefs.  Many people may have expressed doubts when you wanted to achieve something and pursue your dreams.  Think where you would be now if you had listened to that advice!  On the other hand, there is a lot of quality advice out there that you have to put aside your pride and follow for the sake of success.  Your world is defined by the personality and passion you bring to it.  Believe in yourself and make all your dreams come true.

There you have it, four components to achieving your wildest dreams.  This month, take time to discuss this month’s topic as a family and identify ways in which you can achieve your families wildest dreams.

About the author: Manny Cabrera III is an expert in self-protection, fitness, personal development, and is a life-long martial artist.  He serves as chief instructor at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers and has written for multiple publications.  Mr. Cabrera resides in Brandon, FL with his wife Jessica, their twin sons, and an energetic Austrailian Cattle Dog.  Follow Mr. Cabrera on Twitter.

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