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Dear Sidekicks Family,
13 weeks ago, a small group of Sidekicks students undertook a daunting challenge. To see who could be the biggest loser. Loser of pounds that is. Each of these winners ate properly, exercised rigorously, and lost weight that had been holding them back for quite some time.
Each participant was playing to win the $1,500 grand prize by losing the greatest percentage of total body weight. More importantly, they’ve gained incredible momentum and have gained a much better prize; their health.
After 13 weeks of competition, the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and the person declared the Sidekicks Spring 2010 Weight Loss Champion is Elijah Heath!!! Elijah lost over 21% of his body fat for a total of just over 50 pounds!!!
The top five contestants combined lost a total of 159 pounds all together!! That’s the equivalent of an average high school boy!!
This is an incredible achievement. Elijah and our other contestants are great examples of things we can do when we really focus and exercise self-discipline and have a positive attitude.
Congratulations to all,

Manny Cabrera III

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