I hope your Spring Break has been going well. We’re rockin’ and rollin’ down here with our Camps. They are having a great time and best of all, they’re learning!
Anyways, the reason for this e-mail was to let you know that you can download our recording of the webinar from April 1st. I know it’s halfway through the month, but my ability to upload was limited by a missing codec or something like that. However, I have attached a link that you can download the file and watch it. The file is kinda large so give it a couple minutes to download. It’s my goal that future ones will be viewable through our Vimeo account.
Here’s the link: https://download.yousendit.com/THE0clVBaFJwTVZjR0E9PQ
Make it a great day,

Manny Cabrera III