Can you feel it? 2009 is here and the winds of change and transformation are in the air. I’m so excited because everything is moving in the direction of improvement and many people are looking to make some self-improvement. This is great for Sidekicks because that’s what we’re all about!


This year Sidekicks is going to be much more about the family than ever before. Towards the end of this last year we added two programs (Warrior X-Fit and Keysi Fighting Method) so that Sidekicks had something for everyone in the family. Sidekicks is committed to whole families because we know that everyone does better when their support network is involved.


VIP: Very Involved Parent


Parents, take the first step in assisting your child on his or her path to life-long success through our Black Belt Success Program.

We can virtually guarantee higher levels of success and achievement for your child, provided we team up and never give up!

Over 40 years of experience of teaching kids and building Black Belts, has taught us that if we, as Martial Arts teachers, and you as parents, agree to always team up and never give up, we can overcome any challenge we may encounter.  

Which is why we consider you VIP’s-Very Involved Parents.

There are really 3 levels of being a VIP:

Level One – As a parent, you are an active observer from the sidelines during your child’s classes. 

We advise that you ask your child a lot of questions during the car ride to and from the dojo, about what they are enjoying the most and what they are learning in class.  Practice the student creed with them and ask what the creed means to them.  Show interest in their progress. It will create a stronger sense of commitment in your child’s mind.  

Level Two – In addition to the items in level one, you are willing take on a more active role of being a practice partner at home.  Acquiring hand targets, body shields, focus paddles etc., can be useful in creating the motivation for your child to practice at home.

In addition, you are willing to volunteer to hold pads for any classes that we may ask for volunteers. You will have a great time bonding with your child and they will love to show you their power as they perform their new skills on the targets.

You may even find it beneficial to stretch with them, practice push up, sit ups and maybe start a walking regimen. Active kids are less likely to have emotional outbursts and more likely to have a higher self esteem.

Level Three – These are parents that want to become actively involved in Martial Arts training and actually put on a uniform to begin training in the program as well.  Parents that also become students are finding they develop closer bonds with their children and enjoy the benefits of training.  

We have many families that train together and have found many moms and dads reclaim their youthful energy and flexibility; not to mention the benefits of stress relief, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning and the ability to defend yourself and your family.

At any level, it’s important to your child’s progress and growth to become an active V.I.P.-Very Involved Parent.

We appreciate your support and encouragement and always invite your feedback and suggestions. We are honored to have earned the trust you have given us by allowing us to work with your most precious asset, your child.

Thank you for going the extra mile for your child. You will see and enjoy noticeable improvements in their attitude, behavior and character, now and in the future.

Great kids are a pleasure to be around and we hope to always team up and never give up on bringing out the greatness in your child!


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