MomsHomeroom Back to School Blues: Turning Fears & Tears Into Cheers

Dr. Robyn Silverman on MSN's "Mom's Homeroom" talking about Back to School Fears

“My child goes back to school next week.  He’s really nervous.  What can I do to help him?”

Questions about back to school fears are some of the most common questions I get at this time of year.  Take a look at some of the segments I’ve done for Mom’s Homeroom (MSN- brand new!) and CBS Early show (2010).  Also, take a look at these quick tips on dealing with back to school fears to get you started.

(1) Find out what’s scaring him: Is he scared that he won’t make friends? Getting lost? Riding the bus? Once we find out the true fear, we can handle it together.

(2) Talk about your childhood back to school fears and how you coped: When your child can hear that you had fears and that you dealt with them successfully, it can help him to feel better. Share something that made you feel more confident so he can call up this story or nugget of wisdom when he needs it.

(3) Do something fun to get ready for the day: Let your child pick out a special backpack, write his name on some brightly colored folders, or color a calendar page where he can “x” off (or place stickers on) the days until school starts.  Preparing for school can be exciting! While it may be easier to do all these tasks for your child, his involvement can make him feel more connected and less scared.

(4) Get together with another child who will be attending school: Don’t know anyone yet? Call the school and find out if there is anyway to know who might be in your child’s class from the neighborhood. Ask around.  Who will be standing at the same bus stop?  Get your children together with some of these kids to help make those unfamiliar faces more familiar before the first day of school.

(5) Go to drop-in day/back to school night: It may be inconvenient, but having your child attend school before the actual start date can be just the thing to curb those back to school fears.  If you can’t attend, ask a family member to attend with your child.  This makes it so the first day of school is really the second!

For many more tips, you can purchase my Back-to-School Fears book mentioned in the Mom’s Homeroom (MSN) video mentioned above. Let me know if you have any other questions!

drrobynsig170 Back to School Blues: Turning Fears & Tears Into Cheers

Back to School Blues: Turning Fears & Tears Into Cheers is a post from: Dr. Robyn Silverman – Child Development Specialist, Body Image Expert, Success Coach & the Creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System

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