Whether you live in sunny California or the colder north, the winter months likely don’t exactly constitute pool season. And while extracurriculars certainly help the little ones expend some energy and stay connected, they likely don’t fill as many hours as you need to entertain for. Keep your kids active in even the coolest of climates this winte

r with these ideas.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Not all activity has to look like exercise – and when the powdery white stuff comes down, what better way to celebrate the season than by bundling up the little ones and sending them outside to play in it? Building snowmen and igloos looks like fun – and it is – but it also takes lots of energy, muscle, and endurance. If packing snow isn’t in the forecast, there are still plenty of options! Try snow tag for freestyle fun, pop on some snow shoes or skis, hit the sledding hill for more free fun, or let the kids loose with the summer pool toys to attempt snow castles.

Rock ‘n Roll all Winter Long

Is it just me, or is there something magical about ice skating while the flakes are falling all around you? If an outdoor rink isn’t your style, hit an indoor rink for quick access to the hot cocoa. Or, dial it retro and hit a roller skating rink with a few friends.

Jump, Bounce, and Climb

These do come with a price tag, but for the occasional trip on the coldest or rainiest of days, it’s well worth it. Indoor trampoline parks, bounce house parks, and climbing walls have started popping up all over – take advantage! Not only will your kids have tons of fun and get some energy out – you can, too! Check your pride at the door and let loose – these places are your license to feel like a kid again (or at least act like one!).

Earn TV Credits

Sometimes, we all just need to veg – but when the sky turns grey, that vegging can quickly become a habit. Start a system for your kids to earn TV time by pitching in. Clean room? You get 15 minutes. Vacuum the downstairs? You get another 15 minutes. You get the idea. It’s probably not going to be their favorite idea, but it may be yours – your house will have neverlooked better; it’s a win-win!

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