I just got back from picking kids up for the after-school program and one of them handed me a letter written by the principal of FishHawk Creek outlining a thwarted abduction that occurred to one of the kids this morning.  Fortunately, the child avoided the potential abduction and told the proper authorities.  GOOD FOR HIM! 

I’ve contacted the school and offered our services to do our Kid Safe Seminar for them Free of Charge.  I’ve included the letter below for anyone who’s interested. 

I also think Mrs. Bush and her staff should be commended for being so on top of the situation and communicating with parents so quickly.  That avoids a lot of confusion and of course rumors.

March 7, 2008


One of our fifth grade students told us that a stranger approached him this morning as he was walking to school and offered him a ride.  I’m happy to say that the youngster did exactly what he should do–he walked away and reported it to an adult.

We contacted law enforcement and they are looking into it.  We also contacted the boy’s parents and praised the youngster for handling the incident so well.

The safety of our students is one of our top priorities at FishHawk Creek.  I would ask all our parents to take the opportunity to talk to your child about how to stay safe on your way to school.  It is always good to walk with a friend.  And if anything happens that makes your child uncomfortable–no matter how small–they should tell a responsible adult.

As aways, thank you for your support.

Pam Bush


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