The CTF 2009 Tournament year is off to a another
record start with the completion of 2 tournaments.
The year began in Dickson, TN with our 1st
qualifier on March 7th. Dickson Taekwondo hosted a
great tournament to start off our new year with almost
400 competitors and great competition for all. The
next weekend the Florida region held a qualifier in
Tampa, Florida.

In order to earn points toward the Black belt
National Championships in November a division must
have at least 3 competitors to qualify. However, this
year we have changed the rules slightly. Due to the
large numbers, we were able
to break some of the divisions down by weight class
and age more than in the past. In order to maintain
the multiple divisions, we must continue to have the
large number of competitors. Should the divisions
shrink, we will combine them into the divisions we
have offered in the past but we will allow you to carry
your points from the Dickson tournament with you.

We will finalize the divisions offered in Memphis
based on the number of competitors there so no
points will transfer other than those from the Dickson

Incomplete patterns—We have clarified the
rule to define an incomplete pattern as one where
three or more moves are omitted either in sequence
or randomly throughout the pattern. Under these circumstances,
colored belts would be given the opportunity
to redo the pattern. If this is the colored belt’s
2nd try or a black belt performing, an incomplete pattern
will be scored as a 6.0 by each judge.

Omitted moves—We wish to apply a consistent
.5 point penalty for each move omitted from the
pattern up to 3 moves at which point the pattern becomes
incomplete. It is the center’s responsibility to
point out omitted moves to the corner judges and direct
them to score the pattern without considering the
omitted moves. The center will then direct the scorekeeper
to deduct .5 for each omitted move from the
competitor’s total score.

2nd chance rule for colored belts—While a
colored belt is allowed to perform their pattern a second
time following an incomplete pattern, this rule
does not apply during a forms tie break, only during
the initial round of competition. The intent of this rule
is to allow new and inexperienced competitors a
chance to get over their nervousness.

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