I miss my Dad.  We were very close. After being gone now for 5 years, last clock Dont Wait: What do you REALLY want?month’s Father’s Day, and what would have been his 77th birthday just passing on the 23rd, it’s obvious why he is so prominent in my mind these days. And while I have no regrets, this recurring thought keeps creeping into my consciousness.  What if I had known when he was going to go? Would I have done anything differently?

Of course I’m not the first to have such thoughts.  They seem to come to mind for most people when it’s just a little bit too late to do anything about it.  That stinks. I have this sci-fi picture in my mind of loved ones having some kind of computerized counter on the back of their necks: 3 years: 27 days: 2.5 hours clicking away backwards until they are no longer with us.  It sounds morbid, I know. But the subconscious mind has a remarkable way of teaching us lessons even when we aren’t looking for them.

Don’t wait.

Don’t waste time.

Go for it.

I think this message applies to every facet of our lives. Saying I love you. Making extra time for our families or ourselves. Admitting we were wrong. Asking for help. Going for our ultimate goal. Breaking free from a destructive relationship, a bad job, a place with no promise of a future.

People wait and wait and wait for the perfect moment, for when it seems right, for when it’s quiet, for when the kids are grown, for when they have enough money, clout, time, sleep, or energy. Why do we do this? Maybe it’s fear. Laziness. Overwhelm. Perhaps.  But I think it’s because we think we’ll get another moment.

Is there something that you are sitting on? I’m not saying that we should throw all cautiousness into the wind, burn bridges, and stomp on people’s feelings to get what we want.  I am saying that your life deserves positive action. Your dreams, your words, your impact are waiting to be shared.

And before you give credence to all those thoughts in your head compiling laundry lists of reasons why you shouldn’t take action– that you are a parent, your time is not your own, that your dreams must take a backseat– suspend them for a moment.  Remember the countdown. We may not be able to see it like a milk carton stamped with an expiration date, but it’s there. Time is not usually as plentiful as we think and yet, we have the power to use it in such profound ways.

What do you really want?

What words have you wanted to say that could make a difference?

Are there relationships that you are holding on to that are detrimental to you?

What dreams have you pushed aside?

What do you find yourself wishing you were doing when you are doing what you typically do?

What action can you take now that could set you on the path to achieve your goals?

I am no sage and I certainly can waste time with the best of them. So I’m writing this with the intention of keeping these questions present in my mind as we wind down July and enter August.  Now is as good as a time as ever to go for it.  Don’t you think?

drrobynsig170 Dont Wait: What do you REALLY want?

Don’t Wait: What do you REALLY want? is a post from: Dr. Robyn Silverman – Child Development Specialist, Body Image Expert, Success Coach & the Creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System

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