Have You Made Progress Toward

Your Goals This Year?

As you review the past year, now is

a good time to pat yourself on the back!

Recognize your successes! Realize

how far you have come.

Where Can You Focus Next?

Part of the self-evaluation process is

determining where we need more

focus. Examine your past successes

and determine why you succeeded.

Did you work hard, plan well and

persevere? Apply that energy to your

other goals now! Also take time to

evaluate why you didn’t meet other

goals. Look

a t t h e

reasons why

and decide

what you

could have

d o n e

differently in

order to

a c h i e v e


F r e q u e n t

evaluation of our individual progress is

the fastest road to success. Look for the

things you did that contributed to your

successes and the things you might

have done differently. Remember,



only person you can control is you!

2008 has been a great year! We

hope you all enjoy the holiday season

and are looking forward to 2009 with

new hope and energy.

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