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Adults and Teens LOVE These Martial Arts Classes that Help Them Get Stronger, Healthier, Confident and Safer!

Our classes aren't just punching and kicking. They're about helping you become the fittest, safest, and best version of yourself!

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Manny Cabrera

My name is Manny Cabrera and I'm the Chief Instructor at Sidekicks...

I know first hand how powerful martial arts is for adults and teens. It's helped them...

  • Get in Amazing Shape
  • Develop unshakable confidence in the workforce
  • Become more thoughtful and deliberate in relationships
  • Live without fear of trying new things or their safety.

They're all benefits I've gained at one time or another myself and I'm not alone. We've trained many people to become the best version of themselves with our unique mix of traditional martial arts and modern take on fitness and self-defense.

I'd love for you to give it a try. We're running a really great web special to try out these amazing classes.

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Manny Cabrera