4 Tips to Improve Your Child's

Everyone has trouble focusing from time to time, especially children. It is super important for

them to realize the importance of Focus in everyday tasks and activities like homework, school,

practice and more! That’s why I want to share 4 tips on how to improve your child’s focus.

1. Break tasks into small, manageable time increments

Try ten minutes of math homework, followed by a drink or snack break, and then ten more

minutes of language arts

2. Call it a “speed test”

Calling something a “speed test” or adding the word “challenge” works wonders with younger

children. Try setting a one-minute timer and challenging them to pick up as many toys or do as

many math facts as they can before the minute is up.

3. Create a code of hand signals

Work with them to develop a system of hand signals. Pointing to your eyes could mean “eyes on

your paper.” The motion of zipped lips could mean “no talking till the timer dings.” The

important thing is to get your child’s input on creating the code, so he takes ownership for it.

4. Develop a routine and stick to it!

Develop a routine that your kids can count on. If they grow accustomed to your family’s rhythm

(such as snack and homework before screens and friends), you will get so much less friction

during the times when you need them to focus.

Lemme know what you think, ok?

Hope this helps you and your family to have an AH-Mazing Day!

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