If your child is a student at Foundation Christian Academy and you’re looking for a great after-school program in Lithia, FL, check out the Karate After-School Program at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers.

Imagine how great it would be if you got home from work and knew that your child had already been picked up from school, had a terrific workout, ate a nutritious snack, and had finished all their homework!

What if in addition to all of that, your child was also learning focus, respect, and discipline, and working toward earning a black belt?

Well, that’s exactly what parents experience when they enroll their kids in our Karate After-School Program!

Spots in the program are limited, so call us today at 813-661-2224 to find out if there are any openings for your child.

Q: From which schools do you pick up?
A: We currently offer school pick-up service from Bevis, FishHawk Creek, Pinecrest, Stowers, Alafia, Lithia-Springs, Foundation Christian Academy, St. Stephens Catholic, and Cimino.

Q: If you don’t offer pick-up service from my child’s school, can my child still participate?
A: Yes! Many students in our Karate After-School Program go to schools other than the ones listed above. As long as you’re able to get your child to Sidekicks Martial Arts, they can still reap the benefits of our program.

Q: What time can I should I pick up my child from the after-school program?
A: You can pick up anytime before 6:30 PM.

Q: Does the After-School Program include karate classes?
A: Absolutely! All Karate After-School Program students take a 30-minute karate class Monday through Thursday.

Q: Will my child be able to test for and earn different belts?
A: Yes! Karate After-School Program students take the same tests and participate in the same belt promotions as the students in our evening programs. So your child will be able to to work towards earning a black belt simply by participating in our Karate After-School Program!

Q: Who provides the homework help?
A: Our after-school instructors are available to answer questions to the best of our ability, however, if your child needs tutoring we have some great tutors that we can refer you to. A few even come to our facility.

Q: When it comes to half days and school holidays, do you still have the after-school program?
A: No, we don’t offer the program on half days and school holidays.

Q: How much is the Karate After-School Program?
A: The tuition for the program is $300 per month, billed by automatic debit or credit card EFT on the 1st of each month with a 1 year commitment (this also includes our renowned Summer Camp). We have other program options available to fit as many family’s schedules as possible.

Q: I’m not sure yet whether my child wants to do karate. Is there a way to try out a class first?
A: Sure! Your child can take a karate orientation class first for $19.99. This class gives them a chance to learn some basic techniques, and it allows you to see how we run our karate class so you can make an informed decision as to whether our Karate After-School Program is right for you. Just give us a call at 813-661-2224 to schedule an orientation class.

Q: The Karate After-School Program sounds like a perfect fit for us! How do we get started?
A: Great! You can stop by to fill out some paperwork, and begin by paying the pro-rated amount for the first month. (For example, you’d pay $150, or 50% of the monthly $300 if you sign up in the middle of the month.) After that, you will be billed $300 by automatic debit or credit card EFT on the 1st of each month.

Remember – there are a limited number of spots in the Karate After-School Program so call us today at 813-661-2224 to find out if we have any openings for your child.

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