Dear Sidekicks Family,

Many of you may have heard the staff here at Sidekicks talking about the upcoming camp with Grandmaster Hardin.  Well, unfortunately, I received an e-mail from Mr. Brunkow who was hosting the upcoming camp and he has had to cancel the venue.  Rather than just cancel the whole thing altogether, I decided to give Grandmaster Hardin a call and tell him to come on and we will do the camp at the FishHawk location of Sidekicks.  This is a very exciting opportunity for us because we’ll be able to train with a 9th degree black belt and founder of our national organization.  Mr. Cabrera has posted on our website the information package about the camp, at, but I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it before closing for today.

First, let’s start with the particulars.  The camp will be held labor day weekend—Friday August 29th, Saturday August 30th, and Sunday August 31st.  Anyone that wants to crash here at the school and make an overnight event of it is more than welcome to.  Since it’s held here in Tampa Bay, I’ll understand those of you who want to sleep in your own beds that’s okay with me too.  On the first day of the camp, Friday,  you’ll receive a full itinerary with the start and end times for the formal training events.  If you’re staying overnight, and you’re a minor—yes, someone on our staff will be on sight and responsible for your wellbeing.  

Second, let’s talk about the price.  We actually had 11 people ready to go to the camp with Grandmaster Hardin.  And that’s before we added our staff.  That’s really a great turn out when you consider all the factors involved of it being in another county and not hosted by us.  However, since this is in our own premises we want to show Grandmaster Hardin that Sidekicks is an alive and vibrant martial arts family and really have a killer turn-out for this camp.  So, since we no longer have to pay additional monies for a facility and the additional activities that are non-martial arts related to go along with it we’re slashing the price to encourage you to join us at this awesome weekend long seminar with a legend in the martial arts.  Then, we’ve eliminated any monetary gains we’d have received normally for holding camps like we’ve done all summer.  So that really leave the only cost we’ll be trying to cover is Grandmaster Hardin’s travel expenses and some catering that we’re planning.  And Yes, those of you who paid the full price to go to the camp before today will receive a refund for the difference. 

So, what does the camp cost?  The cost of the camp will only be $75 per person for all three days.

I know this is starting to sound a little bit like a sales letter but I just want you to understand the value you’ll be getting for your dollar.  I know your time is short so I’ll be brief.

Many people join martial arts programs.  A large number of people earn black belts.  Few become Legends.  This is real martial arts training from legendary 9th degree black belt and founder of the Choong-Sil Kwan system of Taekwon-Do, Grandmaster Robert H. Hardin.  Grandmaster Hardin has been training and teaching Taekwon-Do for 40 years and has trained thousands of black belts and coached many world champions.  Many of these black belts and champions are now instructors who help thousands of students each day achieve personal excellence through the martial arts.  He also developed the four “discipline” patterns that are practiced everyday in our schools by our Black Belts.  I have known Grandmaster Hardin now for over 21 years and am honored to call him a friend and even a mentor.  If you’re ready to learn from a true leader and pioneer in the martial arts, here’s your chance.  Are you ready to take action for a once in a lifetime experience?  If you are, then take the first step and join Grandmaster Hardin for this extraordinary labor day camp.

Topics Covered in this Seminar:

12 Concepts of Power

Grappling for the stand-up fighter

Practical Self-Defense

Championship Sparring

Healthy Living through Healthy Eating

Forms Technical clinic

If you’re ready to take action, hit reply (right now!) and tell Mr. Cabrera you’re coming and how many people.  Then, go to and download the flyer, application, and info sheet.  Don’t wait because the camp starts on the 29th and the deadline to register is August 27th.



Master Manny Cabrera Jr.

7th Degree Black Belt

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