This Friday, October 29th we have special events going on at each of our campuses.

1) New Tampa – At our New Tampa campus we’ll be celebrating the hard work and high achievements of our students during the promotion celebration that starts at 7 PM.  Students that took their exam should attend this event to be promoted to their next belt rank. This is a wonderful time to connect with other Sidekicks families, as well as celebrate the reason we’re all training – to achieve black belt excellence.


2) FishHawk – Invite your friends and wear your costumes as we kick off the fall season with one of the most fun filled events at Sidekicks.

Our Junior’s & Little Dragon students love this event because they can come to the school and have fun, eat pizza, play games, do some fun martial arts moves and watch a movie. Mom’s and Dad’s Love this event because they can go out for a fun evening without the kids. And BEST of ALL! Students get to invite a buddy to come along for all the fun. The event is $10 for the first student and $5 for each additional student/family member. Buddies get to come for FREE!

Please make sure you fill out and complete the registration form completely with your information as well as have your buddy’s parents fill out completely AND sign the waiver.

The form can be found in the important documents section of our website or visit:

Parent’s Night Out / Buddy Bash Sign Up Sheet


We look forward to seeing at one of these events!

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