On Friday, September 6th FishHawk martial arts instructor Manny Cabrera will show how in a special Gun Disarm Workshop.


Sweat pouring, heart pumping, hands trembling are usually the words that describe an incredible workout, not your body’s reaction to someone pointing a gun at you. However, when the adrenaline is pumping through your system your reaction to what happens will determine if you or your loved ones will survive.

Coming up on September 6th, Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers will be hosting a special gun disarm seminar. It will be featuring realistic self-defense against someone in close range. This includes against a scumbag with a hand gun or a long gun.

Someone holding a gun on you is scary, but you do have opportunities. The first opportunity is to do nothing. If it’s a simple mugging, you might get lucky and once the scumbag shaking you down at gunpoint is done they’ll leave. However, what’s more likely is that there is some darker motive at the heart of this ordeal. In any case you have no choice but to act because doing nothing will almost certainly result in a terrible outcome. Using techniques from Krav Maga, we’ll give you a fighting chance.

In this two hour seminar, our team will show you some simple and effective ways to defend yourself, increasing your chances of coming out of this situation whole. The class is two hours long and is free to Sidekicks members, $20 for non-members. That $20 goes to support our favorite charity, KidsPACK.

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