The other day I sent out an e-mail about achieving success in 2010 and how Sidekicks can be a very important part of that process, especially with the central influence of our core philosophy; constant and never-ending improvement (choongsil).  I also revealed the ultimate success formula:

1)      Know What You Want

2)      Take Massive amounts of action.

3)      Check what’s working and what’s not.

4)      Change your approach until you achieve the results you’re looking for.

To clarify, each step can be very detailed and a lifetime of study can go into how to achieve the most effective and successful results at each stage of the game.  The team here at Sidekicks is dedicated to helping you produce the results you’re looking for in abundant ways (Recommended Reading: “Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins).

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sending out more messages talking about all the cool things we’ve got going on here at Sidekicks.  The rest of this message, however, I want to dedicate our time today to talking about one of my goals for Sidekicks in 2010.

One of our responsibilities as professional martial artists is to help perpetuate our martial art into the next generation.  It is my belief, as well as Master Cabrera’s, that the best way to do that is to raise up instructors and the only way to increase the number of instructors is by increasing the number of black belts.  If you follow the logic, then the best way to increase the number of black belts is to increase the number of white belts that we enroll.  In 2010, to get us moving in that direction it’s our goal to increase the number of students training at Sidekicks by 150.  That’s about 37 people per quarter.

To accomplish this goal it’s going to require the massive action we talk about in the ultimate success formula and we need your help. 

This 1st quarter of 2010 we’re going to have a membership drive to help us reach our first quarter goals as fast as we can.

So, here’s how it works.  Between now and April 15th, every time you refer someone to our program, either by giving us their information or they mention you specifically when they come in gets 1 ticket in our raffle drawing for an Amazon Kindle, the hottest e-book reader on the market.

To encourage you to take me seriously and sweeten the pot, so to speak, if during the Membership Drive four (4) of the families you referred to us sign up for our program at either one of our campuses, we’ll reduce your monthly tuition by $50 for 6 months.  That’s like giving you $300 cash!

And as an added bonus and to help kick this off, if you bring in 1 referral before the end of testing week this week, we’ll give you a FREE Birthday party during 2010.  We charge $195 for these events and for one referral, you’ll have this year’s birthday party all sewn up.  If you have more than one child in our program, don’t worry, you can give us one referral for each student and we’ll extend a birthday party gift certificate to each of them. 

We understand that the risk in giving a referral lies with the person giving the referral and not the person receiving it.  This is because you’re extending to us your reputation.  That’s why most people only refer to people they know, like, and trust.  Let me assure you, we will take such good care of the people you send us that they will thank you for recommending them to our program.

Again, we’re grateful for your participation and support of our program and we very much enjoy this opportunity to be a positive influence in your family’s lives.