The word is out. You should listen to your mom and eat your vegetables. Yes, even those on a low carb diet can eat their veggies, because there are so many low glycemic vegetables available. How many servings should you have a day? At least five! Yes, that is all. In a recent survey, almost 60 % of those polled thought one to four servings were enough. Vegetables have so many trace minerals that it is a great idea to eat a variety of vegetables each day to get the most health benefits.

  Recently, I saw a novel way to keep track of servings when I noticed a friend was wearing her daughter’s jelly bracelets. She said it was to keep track of her water and vegetable intake. She had eight blue bracelets on one wrist and five green on the other. When she ate a serving of vegetables, she slipped one green bracelet over to the other wrist and did the same with the blue bracelets for each glass of water. Hopefully, by the end of the day, the bracelets were on opposite wrists. 

To count servings, you have to know what a serving size is. A ¾ cup of juice or ½ cup of chopped vegetables usually equals one serving. That really is not a large amount. Add ½ cup of chopped squash and ½ cup of broccoli to a stir fry and you are almost half way there, and it tastes great! Some people say they don’t like the texture of cooked veggies, but you can steam vegetables to the desired crispness or most taste great raw. Overcooked vegetables can be pureed and used as a sauce thickener or soup, or even hidden in a meatloaf or casserole.

  Ever notice how a plate with a steak and potato looks like a black and white movie? Add some green, yellow, red and even blue and the plate comes alive. Even restaurants add a colorful garnish to make the meal appealing. Color counts when you eat your veggies. Try to vary the colors, because different colored vegetables contain different health properties. So if you have a plate of yellow and orange, add some green. Better yet, try something new from the produce department, and you just might find you like something new. Bon appétit!


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