Dr. Robyn Silverman, the developer of the POWerful Words program that we use here at SIDEKICKS was recently on Dr. Drew’s radio show recently talking about the Miley Cyrus stuff going on with her pictures in Vanity fair. 

 Click here to listen: http://playaudio-345.com/play.asp?m=500723&f=EFTINH&ps=13&p=1

She’s also written several interesting articles RE: Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus: 8 Ways to Clean up the Miley Mess

Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman


Dr. Robyn was on Dr. Drew’s national radio show at 3:35 EST/12:35 PST today to discuss the Miley Cyrus issue: Click here to listen to the interview


Yes, everyone is scrambling to right Miley’s misstep. Vanity Fair issued their YouTube video (above) to show the relaxed atmosphere of the photo shoot (sans the actual Lolita-like photo in question). Annie Leibovitz is defending her photos as “beautiful.” The network is claiming deliberate manipulation of a young girl. And the press is just trying to make sense of it all– the possible desire for a young starlet to shake her tween image and be seen as “more grown up,” the creation of a public frenzy that can add to the Miley millions (ahem, billions?), and which photo is more offensive (the one of Cyrus’s bare bod coyly wrapped in a sheet, or the shot of bare midriff while sprawled across her Daddy’s lap?).

But while the public is cyber-guessing the fate of Miley and her empire, parents


Visit her website at www.drrobynsblog.com to read more.

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