Being a leader in your own life can certainly make a difference in the achievement of your goals, the quality of your friends and the choices you make. As leaders
are “made” rather than “born,” every child has the potential of becoming a leader as long as they practice the skills and employ them when necessary.

Teach your child how to:

(1) Make a choice: Sometimes choices come out of impulse while others come out of thinking through the benefits and drawbacks of each decision. Teach your children how to weigh pros and cons so that they can gain perspective. Leaders don’t sit back and allow others to make all their decisions for them.

(2) Be assertive: Many children are taught to give in when an adult tells them to do something or go somewhere. While this certainly makes things easy, we have to help children speak up when they have a different opinion. We can teach our children to do this respectfully yet still assertively. “You can tell me; ‘Dad, I don’t care for playing that game. I would prefer to go outside and have a catch.’” Your child will not always get what he wants but at least he has stated his preference. Leaders speak up.

(3) Have a positive attitude: When our children are faced with challenges, we want them to say "I can do it!” Help your children to identify what  characteristics and skills they have that can help them to conquer the road ahead of them. Leaders look on the bright side.

(4) Stay committed: Even when your children feel like quitting, encourage them to keep their promises. At first, allow your children to commit to a short term program or session so they understand that once they sign up for something, they must stick with it until the end. Then allow them to sign up for a longer term program. Leaders follow through.

(5) Learn from their mistakes: Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Teach your children to admit their mistakes, see how they can improve and be accountable for both fallout as well as progress. Leaders don’t allow mistakes to curtail their determination– they keep going until they succeed!

Work on these leadership skills & your children will surely thrive!

Here’s to your success!

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