14051716_10154481146294704_3593497133196144710_n“Moooommmmmeeeeeeeeee! IIIII waaaaant iiiitttttttt!”

Whining is more than just a little annoying.

It is your toddler’s more mature form of crying and your grade schooler’s most annoying form of protest.

Sometimes, kids whine because they are thirsty, hungry, fatigued, or just plain overwhelmed…

…But what do you do when all these needs are met and your child is using their best impression of nails on chalkboard to get your attention?

Here are a few tips to help curb the whiiiiiiiine:


Have a Redo – Whining is a plea for attention. How do you address it without negatively reinforcing the behavior?

When your child makes a request with a whine say something like this, “I understand that you’re asking for something but I need to hear your confident voice before I can respond.” Then be sure to address their concern as soon as they speak in a nicer tone.

Sing Your Praises – Catch your child speaking nicely when they might have complained in the past and let them know how much you like how they are speaking.

Children (and adults for that matter) learn faster when they get feedback on what they are doing right. Younger children might not always realize when they are using a whiney voice so positively reinforcing a nice tone helps them to learn the difference.

Check Yourself – Do you complain about things in front of your kids? It never ceases to amaze me on what kids pick up from their parents. Next time you feel like griping about the traffic, think about if that is a behavior you want your kid to pick up. Plus, learning to look at the bright side of things makes for a happier you…and being happier while parenting is good for everyone.


How do you handle a whiney child?

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