This month we will concentrate on the character concept, “leadership.” Therefore, our power-chat
discussions and activities will aim to help children understand what leadership is and how they can use a
variety of leadership techniques to inspire people into action.
Watch Dr. Robyn Silverman, child and adolescent development expert and creator of the Powerful Words program that we use right here at Sidekicks explain:

We all want our children to be leaders instead of mindless followers. We want them to know what they wantand go after it– and inspire others to do the same. As a Powerful Words academy, we also want to make sure that everyone– from children to teens to adults– understand that being a leader is not about being closed mined and stubborn but rather about being goal-oriented, respectful, compassionate and open minded. Powerful leaders actually put their character into action and use it to motivate others and to stay on course. People who are effective leaders typically understand the importance of putting Powerful Words like respect, integrity and teamwork into action in order to inspire others to follow their lead.

Some young people seem to be born with leadership potential. Others must learn them and exercise them like a muscle. At our school, we are dedicated to helping all our students become leaders in their lives.

The more children and teens are put in circumstances where they can learn and utilize leadership skills, the more they will adopt them. Research published in the Academic Leadership Online Journal a few months ago underscores the importance of extracurricular activities as part of leadership training. The results clearly demonstrated that those students who participated in extra-curricular activities showed more ambition as well as better attitudes and even higher grades than those who were not involved. These are young people who are learning to lead the way!

The definitions of leadership are as follows:

  • Young students: “I make great choices so follow me!”
  • Older students/teens/adults: Inspiring people into action to achieve a common goal.

During the four weeks of September we will be discussing the following:

Week 1: What is a leader, what does a leader do, and why do we need them?

Week 2: Leadership Skills: Group goals and taking initiative

Week 3: Leadership Skills: Listening and communicating effectively

Week 4: Leadership Skills: Weighing pros and cons and taking responsibility

As always, one of the best ways to teach and reinforce Powerful Words is by modeling strength of character ourselves. Discuss the ways you show leadership skills each day and point out the ways your children do the same. As parents, employees, bosses, and mentors, what kinds of leadership skills must you use each day?

We thank you for your support. You are pivotal in helping to make our school one of the best Martial Arts and personal development centers in the world.

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