blog_cellphoneIs Texting Getting In the Way of Responsibility and Conflict Resolution?

I’m still reeling. Our temporary babysitter who was filling in for about 4 hours a day during the work week, didn’t call when she decided that she wasn’t coming in today.  She texted.

TEXT: I was at an interview and I got the job!

TEXT ANSWER: Good for you.  When are you coming in?

I wondered how late she would be. Fifteen minutes? A half hour?  My dog sat watching me longingly with his legs crossed as I promised to take him for a walk as soon as she arrived. My husband, Jason, is on a business trip so I had Tallie (18 months), Noah (10 weeks), and yes, said dog.  Don’t get me wrong– I adore my kids but this was a curve ball that I didn’t see coming. Should I have? It was definitely not going to be a “shower day.”  I was lucky I was wearing clothes. Oh well.

TEXT: idk bc she wants me to come bck to show me where everything is so idk when I can come cuz I start tmrw.

TEXT ANSWER: This is so wrong. Please call me so we can discuss.

No call. So I called.  No answer. I called again. No answer.  Left message. “This is very irresponsible.  I don’t want to do this over text.  You are supposed to be here today and tomorrow. Please call me ASAP. And yes, if you don’t come in, you’re fired.”

Not that she’d care. She had another job.

No call.  Another text.

TEXT: Wow. Thanks for the rude message. Ha! You shld have paid me more. You made me clean up too.

TEXT ANSWER: I’m not doing this over text. Please call and take some responsibility and resolve this like adults.

No call.

Anyway, you get the gyst.  Yes, I was enraged.  Having to cancel all my appointments and work for the day, juggling 2 kids and 1 dog, and annoying myself that I hadn’t showered, I couldn’t believe I had run into it again.  The irresponsible texter.

Do you know any of these?

TEXT: I dk that she was gonna give me the job so fast. And its a lot of money so i had to take it

TEXT: Good luck with your job. Bye.

I love text.  I use it to answer WWWWH (Who What Where When How). Not Why.  Not details.  Not to have a conversation.

It’s concerning that someone could leave another completely in the lurch and yet take absolutely no responsibility for it.  Hiding behind characters on a phone rather than speaking about it directly.

Is this what we are teaching our next generation?

We’ve all heard from other great writers like Rachel Simmons or Rosalind Wiseman about kids breaking up over text. Sending aggressive messages over text.  But a young adult of 21 hired to do a job? Oy.  When teens do it we should worry. But when young adults do it…we should be very concerned.

So…what are we supposed to do? Are we destined for a generation of adults who duck out of being accountable for their actions and find it all too easy to break ties, feed their egos, or unleash negative emotion sans face-to-face interaction or possible conflict resolution?

You tell me.

Is this a problem or is this…progress? In the mean time, thank goodness for naps.

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