The buzz about the Valrico/Lithia school lately has been all about the move to our new facility. It really is an exciting time for that school and I want to thank everyone for their offers to help us move as well as get the new place ready for classes. As of today, we still don’t have a completion date for the buildout. However, as soon as I know, we’ll certainly tell everyone and begin mobilizing for the move.

Certainly not to be left out, we’re in the process of starting some minor cosmetic renovations to our New Tampa school including new paint, tile in the traffic areas, installation of the POWerful Words Character Development Center, high top tables for laptop users who’ll ahve access to our high speed internet, and like at the Valrico/Lithia school a transition to SIDEKICKS’s own private label equipment, which will be offered in the redesigned Pro-Shop area for purchase.

Since all of this exciting stuff is going on at both locations, I almost feel that SIDEKICKS is undergoing a tremendous period of renewal. Everyone is excited about their training and the instructors are fired up about classes and their own martial arts skills. We are actually going to be making a few changes to the calendar to include a Grand Re-Opening event at the new location on FishHawk Blvd., an open house event in New Tampa, a Jr. and Asst. Instructor college for all those ready to take their blue and red collar exams, and then at the end of the summer a special over night camp with Grandmaster Hardin.

I’ve been training in the martial arts for 21 years now, ever since I was very young. I was one of the original Little Dragons (although our program today is much better tailored for that age group). I have to say now is the most exciting time to be training. Students are learning more and better than we did when I was a color belt and certainly more than when Master Cabrera was one 37 years ago. Our curriculum and teaching methods are the result of his journey through the martial arts and learning what it takes to help students be at peak performance and live the lives of their dreams.

Certainly, martial arts is an incredible tool. However, we don’t see our jobs as to teach you or your children martial arts.  Our job is to change your life.

Change someone’s life today,

Manny Cabrera III, Chief Instructor

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