One of the goals here at Sidekicks is to meet the needs of today’s families.  For the most part, that’s centered around our children’s martial arts program, which I think you’ll agree, is second to none in the Tampa Bay area.  Many have asked me about a self-protection class that is a little less formal than our Traditional Taekwon-Do program.  Still, others have asked for a program that was more fitness based.

I’m very glad to tell you that Sidekicks is launching two programs this month designed to fulfill both of these needs.  However, before I explain a little about the programs let me explain why we have hesitated up until now in adding these types of programs to the schedule alongside the core Taekwon-Do program.  The first reason was simple; as a new school we didn’t want anything competing with what represents the core of our school—traditional Choong-Sil Kwan Taekwon-Do.  I think that it’s safe to say that our program is large enough and established enough that this won’t be a problem.

The second reason had to do with results.  How will we know when we’re achieving the results we want and what will keep us motivated to reap the full benefits that the programs at Sidekicks has to offer?  In Taekwon-Do it’s easy, there is a belt ranking system to let us know where we stand and where we want to go.  Programs like fitness kickboxing or TaeBo that you see in health clubs don’t regularly lend themselves to this system.  However, the new programs here at SIDEKICKS do infact have a grading system, that helps keep you motivated and moving forward.

The two programs coming to Sidekicks are called Warrior XFit and Keysi Fighting Method.  Each are designed to zero in on the main reasons adults join a fitness or self-defense program.

The Warrior XFit program is designed to help create “explosive change” in your fitness.  The basis of the program is interval training.  Interval Training consists of short bursts where you try to do the exercise as much as you can—about 20 seconds or so and then followed with a short rest period.  The great thing is that it is a great way to get in shape, lose weight, improve your ability in other activities (like martial arts), or if you’re an athlete—take it to the next level.  This is the way that Master Cabrera would train when he was a kickboxer.  Obviously, the system works because he was the North American Kickboxing champion in 1982.  If you’re interested, like me, in getting in the best shape of your life in a coached and interesting environment (read-not bored) then this is the program for you.  The great thing is that this program gives you a goal to work towards that is completely self-paced and you are only in competition with yourself.  Using the Warrior XFit Journal you are able to record your reps and track how many “fights” (Workouts) that you’ve “won” until you reach the black belt fitness level.  The cool thing is that no matter what you’re current fitness level , you start out at the white belt level so that you go up from there.  

The other new program launching at Sidekicks is a self-defense program called Keysi Fighting Method.  It’s from Spain, which makes it the first program of its type to have a latin flavor.  KFM was developed as an outgrowth of Justo Dieguez’s, the founder, almost daily need to protect himself growing up on the streets of Barcelona.  During the ‘60’s like many places, once you got off the main tourist traps the reality of violence and poverty was an everyday occurrence.  KFM was developed after Master Dieguez was unable to find in a specific traditional martial art everything he was looking for.  Specifically, one that dealt with a realistic view of a situation where you’re attacked by multiple opponents—without rules, and took into account the surrounding environment.  It’s great self-defense and I am personally excited about the online aspect of the program.  Each week, on Sundays, the KFM website releases the week’s lessons for students in video form.  This way, you can practice at home before class and have an idea what to expect and then afterward have a reference guide to facilitate the learning.  This is how KFM regulates the quality of students worldwide (and this is the example we’re going to follow as part of our members-only section of our website).  Sidekicks is currently the only KFM school on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

This month’s newsletter has a more detailed explanation of each of the new programs as well as links to the associated websites involved.  However, I wanted to give you the opportunity to try the programs out before we launch the regular classes November 3rd.  The special launch parties for each of the programs will be:

Saturday, October 25th:

Warrior XFit @ 1 PM

Keysi Fighting Method @ 2:30 PM


In addition, because studies have shown that you’ll have greater success if you do this, I want to encourage you to bring a friend to the launch class event you choose.  Additionally, if you would tell people in your inner circle or group about our event and give them our information I would be very grateful.  I’ll make sure to give them the special pre-registration pricing if they decide to continue.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday the 25th.  If you could do me a small favor and hit reply to let me know that you’re going to be there.  Then, when you’re friend says he or she will be here shoot me another quick e-mail so we can make sure we have enough equipment for everyone to use.

Thank you for your time today and I look forward to seeing you in class.


Manny Cabrera III

Chief Instructor

PS. Don’t forget to hit the reply button and let me know you’ll be here!

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