13892342_10154422478999704_6663300262803668579_nBack to School!

Back to learning!

Back to class friends!

Back to crankiness?!

That’s no fun.

We all know that back to school is a major shift from the freedom of summer.

Many parents and students look forward to this time of year…

…But sometimes the first few weeks can lead to some bumps in the road when kids come back home or participate in after-school activities.

In fact, many parents experience their kids acting out or becoming grumpy as the first few weeks of school go by.

I even hear of cases where the child is very well-behaved in school and lashes out at home in the evenings.

What gives?

Your normally well-behaved child might be having trouble coping with the sudden change in routine, lack of naps (for the younger ones), over-stimulation, or even stress from keeping themselves well-behaved all day long at school.

Don’t worry, parents. This too shall pass…

…But what can you do to make the process easier in the mean time?


Build Up – If your child has enjoyed a leisurely summer it can be difficult for him to endure the physical and mental demands of school. Just like how physically fit adults tend to perform better at work, physically fit kids can have an easier time transitioning to school.

Help your child build more endurance by getting them involved in an activity that promotes physical fitness and engages their brain before school starts.

Hit the Pause Button – Give them 15 – 30 minutes after school to un-wind and do kid stuff. Try to stay away from screens. Instead, stop by a park, read a book, go on a walk, or even just let them play with their toys for a few minutes.

Fuel Up – Stressed out from over-stimulation at school all day plus low blood sugar? That is a recipe for a meltdown. Have a healthy snack of protein and good carbs available for them to scarf down as soon as possible after-school.

Insist that they drink water. You know how many adults get fatigued and experience headaches when they are dehydrated? Kids can became tired and irritable from lack of water, too.

Hold Off – I know that you are super curious to know about all of the wonderful things your child did all day. However, immediately after school, some kids just aren’t in the frame of mind to answer these questions.

Try waiting until your child has had a snack, a drink of water, and a bit of down time. Who knows? Your child who typically answers “Nothing” to the “What did you do at school today?” question might be more inclined to share after re-fueling.


Parents! How do you manage the back to school transition?

Comment your go-to tricks for calming a cranky kid below. 🙂

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