A Special Invitation from Mr. Cabrera

If you’ve spent 5 minutes talking with me, then you know that I am a huge fan of the television program ‘Star Trek.’ I first became a fan when I was first starting school and Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered Saturday’s at 7 PM on the local ABC station in my little hometown of Tallahassee. As a young boy, what I liked were the cool spaceships, aliens, and the way Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart, Professor X from the X-Men franchise) always knew what the right thing to do was. As I’ve grown up, I’ve continued to enjoy Star Trek because it was a lot like what life would be like if everyone was a black belt—a universe where everyone did their best, did the right thing, and took care of each other.
Since the first time I saw the Enterprise whoosh by on the TV, I have seen every minute of footage from the Original series, four spin off shows, ten movies, and hundreds of media tie-in novels. I even went to a science fiction convention once when they had one at the civic center.
Anyways, I am really excited to be writing because on May 8th, J.J. Abrams will be debuting a brand new $150 million dollar reboot of the franchise. You may remember Abrams as the creator and Executive Producer of such movies and TV series as Alias, LOST, Fringe, Cloverfield, and Mission Impossible III. Additionally, the movie is being worked on by the guys that wrote Transformers, The Legend of Zorro, and the upcoming Transformers sequel. A lot of talent indeed!
So, what does this have to do with you? Well, excited about all this information I’ve been giving regular updates to Mrs. Cabrera, whether she wanted them or now. When I came and told her the date of opening day, she informed me that she was going to be out of town that weekend.
After fake screaming like Captain Kirk after his nemesis Khan marooned him in the belly of a dead asteroid (come on, did you think we’d get out of this without a reference to Star Trek II?) because that meant that I wasn’t going to go see it opening weeked, Mrs. Cabrera suggested that I organize an outing for the teens and any adults that wanted to go see it with me AND since she was out of town why not Also make it a sleepover for the teens as part of our efforts to create events for each age group, not just young kids.
Although I would really like to see Star Trek opening weekend with my wife, I thought she had a fantastic idea!
So, let’s beam up for Sidekicks’ first ever Star Trek Opening Night lock-In!
The details so far:

Sign up before Friday of this week (April 24th) so that we can make sure we get enough tickets.

Arrive at the school by 6 PM on May 8th.

Bring game systems and anything else you’d want to do during the night, like cards and board games (as well as your sleeping bag and anything else you can’t live without).

We’ll order pizza from our friends at Papa John’s. As well as have other snacks and drinks to eat.

While we will have food at Sidekicks to eat. You will be responsible for your own concessions at the theater.

Pick up the next morning will be by 10:30 AM. However, anyone that is around at 9:30 AM, WILL participate in the teen/adult class at that time.

We are limiting this event to the 12 and up crowd as the movie we are going to see is rated PG-13.

Cost: The cost for everything will be $20. For this particular event, we’d prefer everyone paid by cash or check. Make checks to Manny Cabrera.


Well, that about wraps up what we have so far. I did not put down what time we’re going to actually see the movie as I am trying to balance cancelling as few classes on Friday and I would rather see the movie at Premier Cinema in Plant City (which is really nice and not as busy as AMC). The times for Premier weren’t on the internet as I was writing this e-mail.
Adults are welcome to participate and purchase tickets through us and go see the movie too. The cost is $9.50 per person. As soon as I buy all the tickets, I will e-mail out the time and location we end up at.
So, if your teen wants to participate – hit reply and tell me how many and then click here to download the sign up sheet and bring it and the money in ASAP.
Live Long and Prosper,

Manny Cabrera III 

Download the Sign Up Form



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