This month we will focus on the powerful concept, self esteem. People with strong self esteem
regard themselves highly and feel good about who they are.

In order for children, teens, and adults to thrive in school, business, and life, they must see themselves and their contributions as worthwhile.

When I speak to audiences about constructing self esteem, I discuss my C.O.R.E.™ concept (Comparison, Observation, Recognition & Expertise/Efficacy).

Comparison: Those with high self esteem don’t “compare” to demean themselves or others. They focus on the assets of each person. They recognize their own strengths as well as where someone else’s expertise are of great help and value. Each person can contribute and each person is seen as worthwhile in his/her own right.

Observation: Messages about our worth come from many sources. From media to mothers we all manage what I call a “feedback loop” of information that tells us whether who we are and what we do is valued and acceptable to others. When we are exposed to people and messages that tell us that we are okay just as we are, we are more likely to have higher self esteem.

Recognition: Self esteem increases when we give people real praise that is tied in with real effort. Real praise is truthful, specific and well deserved. When we celebrate meaningful assets in others and
connect them with character, process and outcome, they can be generalized to different areas of that person’s life and become part of how those people describe themselves.

Expertise/Self Efficacy: When we know we have the skills necessary to meet our challenges and achieve our desired goals, we see ourselves as capable and confident. We achieve, or at least are in the process of achieving mastery. It is gratifying to make progress in areas that are meaningful to ourselves and meaningful to our community.

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