We have a few changes to make to our move plans.  We were all set to get out of there on Saturday, but when we showed up to the new school our contract informed us that we weren’t going to have our meter hooked up by TECO until Monday or Tues.

So, that means we have to change a few of our plans.

1) We will hold classes at the old location (on Lithia Pinecrest) on Monday June 30th.

2) Just so that there is no other confusion, we are cancelling all classes on Tues-Saturday (July 1st through the 5th).  We were going to be closed on the 4th and 5th anyways, so enjoy your holiday.  If you want to make up any missed classes the following weeks you may.  You may also attend class this week at our new tampa school if you like.

3) Sparring Camp will be held on Monday at the Old facility.  Then Tues, Wed, Thurs we will meet at the New School and then transport to the New Tampa location.  On those days we would appreciate it if you could be at the New location by 8:30 AM.

We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.  We have been between a rock and a hard place and as much as I hate to cancel classes, this seems like the best solution that way the new school can be fully ready for students.

If you have any questions, you can leave a voicemail on the school phone (the lines haven’t been run into the building yet) or call the New Tampa location at 973-4634.

Have a great week,

Manny Cabrera
Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers

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