LITHIA, FL – On Saturday, May 30th beginning at 10 AM and going until 11:30 AM, self-protection and personal development expert Manny Cabrera III will be teaching a seminar for the community called “School’s Out! Summer Anti-Abduction and Safety Seminar.”  The clinic will be held at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers located near the FishHawk Ranch community and will focus on helping parents and children be aware of their surroundings as well as how to handle the potential dangers that can arise when the kid’s schedule changes after school ends for the academic year.

              “It’s all about keeping kids safe.  During the summer a family’s schedule changes.  They do different activities, go on trips, attend camps, and even play more in their neighborhood.  All the excitement and change in routine can be hard for kids and even adults to cope with.  That leaves them more open to things like abductions from predetors,” Cabrera said.

              Every year 58,200 children are abducted in the United States by non-family members (Source: USDOJ –  Fortunately, parents can help their child do something about it.  “First, it starts with helping children create safe habits that last, even when the routine or surroundings change.  Second, children need to learn to be aware but not afraid.  Third, we should teach children to trust their intuition and when in doubt, Get out!” Said Cabrera, “The seminar on May 30th will help children learn these things as well as provide parents with tips on how to reinforce them in their daily lives.”

              Manny Cabrera has more than 20 years martial arts experience, a Certified Instructor and has taught thousands of children and adults how to be safe and successful.  He is also the chief instructor of Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers, which he has operated with his wife Jessica since 2003, and is rated as one of the Top 100 schools in the nation by United Professionals a premier trade organization for the martial arts industry.

              The “School’s Out! Summer Anti-Abduction and Safety Seminar” is available to the public, however pre-registration is required by May 20th by calling (813) 661-2224 or going online to


For more information about the programs at SIDEKICKS visit:


For a Lively and Information Packed Interview, Contact Manny Cabrera III

By calling: (813) 661-2224


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