This morning, Master Cabrera sent me an e-mail linking to a blog post (found here: about mothers of young children that are carrying firearms for their protection and for the protection of their little ones.  I think it’s an interesting read and that you should check it out as well.  As a self-protection expert, in a family of self-protection experts, I grew up around guns that were loaded and ready to shoot people.  Which is why gun safety was emphasized at every turn to make sure that my brother and I didn’t pick one up.  Now as an adult, I have my own firearms for the purpose of self-defense and the defense of my family.  However, I feel that the vast majority of people that own guns don’t have enough training in how to use their firearm under the stress of a real encounter.  No, standing in the box doesn’t count.

For the past couple of months, as we’ve begun developing our strategy to bring tactical gun training to this area for all concerned citizens, we’ve been in contact with several of the experts in the field when it comes to using a gun for self-defense.  I believe with the right training, a gun can be a very useful part of a well-rounded personal protection plan.  This includes mothers with young children, who no doubt have those same kids crawling all over them and in their diaper bags, purses, etc.  In fact, in those cases, a gun may be the best defense because of the need to protect someone that can’t protect themselves or even fend for him or herself while you battle an attacker.  In light of several recent stories in the news, I think that this kind of training is needed and timely.

Stay tuned.  We’re wrapping up the date/location for our first event relating to using a firearm for self-defense along with the marketing materials.  We’re bringing in an expert to assist and we know that this is going to be a great added component to the empty-hand, impact and bladed training we do here at Sidekicks.

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