I just got off the phone from the POWerful Words monthly teleconference for school owners.  It’s a meeting with all of the POWerful Words members all over the world and Dr. Robyn Silverman, creator of the program.  This month, I was one of the featured members about how we’ve been innovating in our usage of the POWerful Words program here at SIDEKICKS (like right here on this blog).  It was  a lot of fun and I was happy to help other members maybe get a new idea to make POWerful Words more successful in our school.  Certainly, as time goes on we’ll continue to integrate this incredible Character Development tool into our school.  As part of the buildout in the new school and the remodel of New Tampa, we’ll be featuring a POWerful Words Character development center to serve as a hub of information and displaying the exciting POWerful projects that students are doing.

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