Dr. Robyn, our resident character development expert has a new list of recommended reading books for POWerful Word of the month Self-Reliance, enjoy!

Albee, S. I Can Do It!) The Sesame Street® pals can do so many new things–write their names, slide down a slide, and pour juice. There are some things they’re still learning, but with the help of their friends they know it’s just a matter of time. Ages: 4-6 years.

Burnford, Sheila. The Incredible Journey. The woods hold many dangers. Whatever happens though, the drive of the young Lab as he leads his friends ever westward overrides individual pains and fears. Ages 9-12 years.

Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe. In his own words, Robinson Crusoe tells of the terrible storm that drowned all his shipmates and left him marooned on a deserted island. Forced to overcome despair, doubt, and self-pity, he struggles to create a life for himself in the wilderness. From practically nothing, Crusoe painstakingly learns how to make pottery, grow crops, domesticate livestock, and build a house 9-12 years.

Gilbert, L. I Can Do It! 135 Successful Independent Learning Activities Clear instructions with photographs show a teacher how to prepare projects that children can perform independently. Each activity is simply explained in terms of objectives, skills, vocabulary, materials, construction, and procedure. Ages 4-8 years.

Hunter, J.N. I Can Do It! Little Guinea Pig finds lots of things to do on his first day at preschool. Ages: Baby to preschool

Kingsley, E.P. I Can Do It Myself: Featuring Jim Henson’s Sesame Street Muppets. The Sesame Street characters describe the many activities they can do on their own.

Lionni, L. Tillie and the Wall Some mice take the wall for granted, never speaking of it. Tillie tunnels under. Then, forever after, the mice pass freely back and forth from one side to the other. K-2.

Little, J. Stars Come Out Within. This story depicts the challenges and triumph of someone with a visual impairment. Ages 9-12 years.

McKissack, Patricia C. Flossie & the Fox. Illustrated by Rachel Isadora. Miz Viola over at the McCutchin Place has been troubled by a fox. Flossie has never seen a fox, but sets off through woods to head him off. See how this little girl outfoxes the fox. Grades 1-3.

Speare, Elizabeth George. The Sign of the Beaver. When his father returns East to collect the rest of the family, 13-year-old Matt is left alone to guard his family’s newly built homestead. One day, Matt is stung by bees and is tended to by an old Native American and his grandson. In return, Matt teaches the grandson to read. Grades 3-6.

Sharmat, M. Gregory the Terrible Eater. A very picky eater, Gregory the goat refuses the usual goat diet staples of shoes and tin cans in favor of fruits, vegetables, eggs, and orange juice. Ages 4-8 years.

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