A new study just released, "It Starts with Character: Inspiring Kids & Teens to Volunteer", has found that kids and teens who have more exposure to character-building skills such as the Powerful Words Character Development Program used in every class at Lithia Fl’s Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers, are more likely to volunteer in their communities and with greater frequency, according to PRNewswire. Along with academic skills, the study—which was commissioned by Scholasitc Media—found that 84 percent of parents and 78 percent of teaches along with 73 percent of kids age 6 to 11 and 64 percent of teens believe that character-building skills are among the most important skills to develop in order to be successful in life.

In addition, the more kids and teens are exposed to character-building skills, the greater their level of interest in volunteering. Additionally, kids and teens who are more exposed to character-building skills volunteer more frequently, which 88% of parents that participated in the study agreed that volunteering also provides opportunities to build their character even more.  "This study demonstrates the importance of having curriculum for the heart as well as the head," said Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President of Scholastic Education and Chief Academic Officer of Scholastic Inc. "At Scholastic, we put the same value on preparing children for good citizenship as we do for careers and college."

Parents of children participating the in the Powerful Words Character Development Program at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers see the ways in which their kids benefit from the character building lessons taught in each class at the Lithia, Florida based martial arts school. Manny Cabrera III, Sidekicks’ Chief Instructor said, “As this community’s premier Powerful Personal Development Center, we take this very seriously. We’re thrilled to help our students and our community to thrive and succeed.”

The Powerful Words Character Development Program is developed by Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers’ Personal Development Expert, Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman. Dr. Robyn provides us with a multitude of resources to the families of our school for the betterment of our children.

Over the years we have developed a comprehensive character development curriculum that motivates children, teens, and adults to gain valuable character building skills. Powerful Words provides easy-to-follow lessons for children ages 4-6 and 7-12 years and teens–lessons that give each student the strength to explore and the foundation to succeed.  At Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers, such a character education program used within the context of our organized martial arts lessons, can invite students to listen, share, discover, and reflect on the ways to become upstanding members of our community as well as confident individuals in their own right.

To learn more about how Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers develops powerful character in children, please visit http://www.lithiamartialarts.com.

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