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Thanksgiving Closed
INITIATIVE  A Powerful Word
FB 2 - Super Insayin PNO

Super Insayin Ninja Night Party!


Every kid loves cartoons, but there has been one cartoon that spans generations of kids.

So naturally when we heard a few students chatting about it a few weeks back, we knew we had to plan the ULTIMATE night based on this cartoon…

SIDEKICKS is hosting 3 hours of fun and games based on one of the most popular kids shows ever - get ready for our SUPER INSAYIN NINJA NIGHT PARTY!

Reserve your space in the Sidekicks App!

*DISCLAIMER* - Your child’s power level may or may not increase to over 9000 after attending this parents night out… 💪🏻

FishHawk Campus: Friday, November 15th
Wesley Chapel Campus:
Friday, November 22nd

Register Through The Sidekicks App


Muscle Your Mindset: Board Breaking Workship with Manny Cabrera

Secrets To Breaking Through Barriers In Martial Arts and Life!

Help take your child's technical abilities and perspectives to the next level!

Don’t miss out on being part of an amazing opportunity to learn directly from Mr. Manny Cabrera, Chief Instructor of Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers and Trainer of the Sidekicks Instructors!

These classes do not happen often!


Board breaking has been an important measure of technique and power in the martial arts for hundreds of years and it’s a required component of our curriculum here at Sidekicks.

Like many of the things we do in the martial arts, in order to be successful at board breaking you also have to have to develop the right mindset. It's this same mindset that people at the top of their game in their fields use to succeed.

Join Sidekicks’ Chief Instructor, Manny Cabrera on Saturday, November 16th at the FishHawk campus from 9am to 11am as he draws on his 30+ years of martial arts experience helping students to become their best for a POWERFUL workshop to develop your winning mindset and how to board break like a master!

HOW TO REGISTER: You will need to register each child separately. Add the workshop to the cart and then add the number of boards you wish to purchase to the cart for your child, then complete the checkout. If you have another child, please repeat the process. FishHawk Students you can register through the Sidekicks App. Wesley Chapel Students use this link:

When: Saturday, November 16th from 9am to 11am
Where: Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers - FishHawk
16132 Churchview Dr. STE 210, Lithia, FL 33547

Thanksgiving FunCamp

After School Students use the discount code "AFTERSCHOOL" to receive $20 off the already discounted camp rate.

Register Your Spot In the Sidekicks App or Click Here:

Looking for a fun and constructive activity for your child(ren) during this upcoming holiday break from school? Join us for our FunCamp! We will be having an exciting martial arts class, games, outdoor play, and even a field trip! Sidekicks is best, professional martial arts studio in Hillsborough County.

We provide a safe, educational and fun camp day for school age children Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Our fun camps are designed for children to meet new friends, socialize, sweat, and have a blast. This is also perfect, fun way to introduce the first timer to the practice of martial arts. All camp activities and materials are included with registration. you will need to provide lunch and two snacks.

Camp Details

Drop-off Time: 7:00 am - 9:00 am
Camp: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Pick-up Time: 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Items to Bring: Lunch, two snacks, martial arts uniform, camp t-shirt, and closed toed shoes.
Register in the Sidekicks App or Click Here:

Mark Your Calendar For Sidekicks Events

November 2019

  • 1 - Fall Belt Graduation Celebration - 7 PM @ Grace Community UMC | FishHawk Campus
  • 2 - STORM Team Training Class | FishHawk Campus
  • 8 - Friday Classes Begin at Wesley Chapel Campus
  • 11 - CLOSED for VETERAN'S DAY!
  • 15 - Super Insayin Ninja Night Party | FishHawk Campus
  • 16 - Muscle Your Mindset: Board Breaking Workshop | FishHawk Campus
  • 22 - Super Insayin Ninja Night Party | Wesley Chapel Campus
  • 25,26,27 - Thanksgiving Break Camp | FishHawk Campus
  • 28 - 30 - CLOSED for THANKSGIVING

December 2019

  • 7 - STORM Team Training Class | FishHawk Campus
  • 13 - Ninja Night (Theme TBA) | FishHawk Campus
  • 20 - Ninja Night (Theme TBA) | Wesley Chapel Campus
  • 23 - Winter Break Camp | FishHawk Campus
  • 24 - 28 - CLOSED for Christmas/Hanukkah
  • 30 - Winter Break Camp | FishHawk Campus
  • 31 - CLOSED for New Year's Eve

January 2020

  • 1 - CLOSED for New Year's Day
  • 2, 3 - Winter Break Camp | FishHawk Campus
  • 4 - STORM Team Training Class | FishHawk Campus
  • 6 - No School Fun Camp | FishHawk Campus
  • 17 - Ninja Night (Theme TBA) | Wesley Chapel Campus
  • 20 - MLK Fun Camp | FishHawk Campus
  • 24 - Ninja Night (Theme TBA) | FishHawk Campus
  • 27, 28 - Belt Rank Testing | FishHawk Campus
  • 29 - Belt Rank Testing | Wesley Chapel Campus
  • 31 - Belt Graduation Celebration @Grace Community UMC | FishHawk Campus

Events Subject To Change Without Notice