Below are the results for the Spar Wars Tournament held Oct. 4th at the New Tampa location of Sidekicks.

Congratulations to all winners and competitors. You showed great spirit, dedication, and most importantly black belt excellence.


Men’s Black Belt 2nd & 3rd Dan

  1. Jon Reichel        Orlando, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow
  2. Jessie Nunnally        Valrico, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow
  3. Alex Lapeiretta        Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III

Ladies Black Belt

  1. Courtney Hunter    Brandon, FL         Mr. Lee Jacobs
  2. Loreto Lapeiretta    Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III
  3. Dawn Osak        Valrico, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow

    Alyson Hickey        Tampa, FL         Ms. Debbie Melendez

Juniors (8-12) Red – Rec. Black Belts

  1. Carolina Ramos        Tampa, FL         Ms. Debbie Melendez
  2. Matthew Sanders    Orlando, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow
  3. Daniel Kim        Tampa, FL        Master Manny Cabrera

    Dalton Childers        Tampa, FL         Master Manny Cabrera

Girls (12-13) Green – Black Belts

  1. Allie Donlan        Tampa, FL        Master Manny Cabrera
  2. Kayla Brunkow        Orlando, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow

VIP Women’s Green-Black

  1. Martie Jackson        Valrico, FL         Mr. Raymond Brunkow
  2. Suxanne Donlin        Tampa, FL         Master Manny Cabrera

Boys Black Belts (11-14)

  1. Peter Lapeiretta    Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III
  2. Jesse St. John        Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III
  3. Austin Childers        Tampa, FL         Master Manny Cabrera

Men’s Blue – 1st Dan

  1. Mickey Hogan        Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III
  2. Matt Brennon        Orlando, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow
  3. Salem Elnahwy        Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III

    Julian Sorkin        Orlando, FL        Mr. Raymond Brunkow

Intermediate Division Coed

  1. Liam O’Brien        Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez
  2. Victor Bravo        Tampa, FL        Master Manny Cabrera
  3. Megan Rivera        Riverview, FL        Mr. Tom Hoffman

    Taylor Hogan        Lithia, FL        Mr. Manny Cabrera III


Boys Beginner (6-7)

  1. Ruslan Ruben        Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez
  2. Andy Sebell        Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez
  3. Daniel Diaz        Tampa, FL         Ms. Debbie Melendez

Boys Beginner (9-11)

  1. Anthony Diaz        Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez
  2. Samuel Hiatt        Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez

Boys Intermediate (7-8)

  1. Carter Fair        Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez
  2. Zachary Deaton        Riverview, FL        Mr. Tom Hoffman
  3. James Deluca        Riverview, FL        Mr. Tom Hoffman
  4. Justin Sanders        Orlando, FL        Mr. Ray Brunkow

Boys & Girls Intermediate (10-11)

  1. Alanna Gonzalez    Tampa, FL        Ms. Debbie Melendez
  2. Devan Ortiz        Riverview, FL        Mr. Tom Hoffman
  3. Timothy Flick        Riverview, FL        Mr. Tom Hoffman
  4. Megan Cork        Orlando, FL        Mr. Ray Brunkow


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