13920943_10154447946924704_8179499120478617529_nTake turns with your child playing teacher and student.

This can be a great way to share and connect with your child.

While you are the ‘teacher’, share something fun and simple about your work, hobby, or other expertise that they may not know (just remember to keep it short and simple, we want to engage them not bore them!).

Help them practice being a strong student and engaged active listener (eye contact, shape of the body, smiling and nodding, etc).

Then, switch roles and let them teach you (kids LOVE getting to play the authority role!).

As the student, you will want to mostly demonstrate active listening. However, it can be a beneficial learning experience to let them feel what it’s like to have a disengaged student for a few moments.

Afterwards, discuss what it felt like for them to be sharing something they cared about and have their ‘student’ seem uncaring. (The really fun part of this drill is that you both may get to learn something about the other that helps you build a stronger connection to each other’s interests!)

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