14316780_10154546866864704_3420642520860859797_nAdversities are an inevitable part of our life that cannot be avoided no matter how hard you may try. You may be fortunate and face less challenging situations while others feel as if they were born to face challenging situations. The way you face adversity and the challenges in your life and their impacts is what makes them more or less serious. All around you there are people who have overcome adversity and they will tell you they have the following factors in their favor: the support of others, belief in their own abilities and talents, and a knack for problem-solving and good people skills. If you possess this combination of qualities you can conquer almost anything.

Not every if born with the qualities that allow them to overcome adversity, but anyone can learn them. When faced with an adverse situation there are a number of steps you can take to overcome the challenge.

You first need to realize what is happening and how long it is going to last. You might get some information and assistance from asking others who have faced a similar challenge. Who is affected by the adversity and what impact will if have on them and their lives. What are the tangible obstacles you will need to overcome – things such as costs or cut backs you may be required to make. Will you have less time because you are dealing with an adverse situation?

Determine how needs to know what is going on, the more you contain an adverse situation the more control you will have over it. You may want to seek out the advice or assistance of professional and trusted friends that can offer you their assistance.

Look into yourself and your character to see what strengths you have to face the adversity. Draw upon your strengths to overcome the challenges that you come up against. Are there any special skills in yourself, your family or friends that you need to develop? Your ability to work through your frustrations and listen sympathetically as well as good problem solving skills will allow you to come up with solutions to overcome your adversity.

Preparation is the best way to fight an adverse situation. Being prepared for any situation will make you feel less guilty and responsible. You may initially feel miserable when faced by an adversity but after the initial shock goes away you may feel guilt that you were not prepared to handle this challenge. Preparation is the key in being able to handle adverse situations by allowing you alternatives.

With developing your problem solving skills and believing in yourself along with the assistance of others and preparation for almost any event you to can learn how to overcome adversity.

Sometimes you read something and it can totally change your life. Do not spend one more day miserable. You can change your life forever. Don’t be robbed of your peace, joy and happiness for one more day.


What do you do when you face challenges? How are you setting the example for your kids to overcome them?


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