blog news Reflection on The Tiger Mother & Parent Push BackWhen the WSJ piece regarding Amy Chua and her stance on being a “Tiger Mother” came out, I received lots of questions from the press. Among those interested in chatting about the Tiger Mother; Fox News. The China Daily*. People were in an uproar.  The press wanted to know why it all caused such a stir.

Here is what I told The China Daily in their article on the topic of The Tiger Mother:

Why do you think Amy Chua and The Tiger Mother struck such a defensive nerve with parents?

“Parenting is so personal,” Robyn Silverman, a child development specialist who has appeared on Good Morning America and Nightline, told China Daily.

“When you hear such a strong and opposing opinion, your attention tends to turn toward your own parenting, and makes you question, am I doing this right?

“Maybe this person is doing something better than I am. The way the article was written, made it sound like she was saying that her Chinese work ethic would make her children excel beyond anyone else’s.”

(I also said, although it wasn’t printed, that the article also helped to reaffirm for some parents that the parenting style they use, whether more “Western” or “Eastern” as defined by Chua, is the correct one for their family).

So what do we learn from all of this conversation on Eastern and Western views of parenting?

‘Silverman believes there is value in the Asian parenting style, but thinks it may squash individuality. “There’s no room for abuse, ever, but what Western parents do need to learn is that some children need a stronger push, and others need a lighter touch.’

“Perhaps on the continuum of the Eastern-Western views, there’s a need to meet in the middle.”

Now that there has been a lull in the media on this topic…what do you think?

drrobynsig170 Reflection on The Tiger Mother & Parent Push Back

*China Daily is the national English-language newspaper and is one of the most authoritative newspapers in the country. It serves as a key reference point for overseas media and society. The newspaper has an average daily circulation of more than 300,000 in 150 countries and regions. Two-thirds of China Daily’s readers are government officials, think tanks and decision-makers as well as top executives from multinational corporations.

Reflection on The Tiger Mother & Parent Push-Back is a post from: Dr. Robyn Silverman – Child Development Specialist, Body Image Expert, Success Coach & the Creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System

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