This month we will focus onthe Powerful Word, “AngerManagement.”

Anger Management is the third and final concept in our three month curriculum aimed at empathic goal-setting, problem-solving and relationship management. This Powerful Word relies heavily on our previous two powerful words; empathy and self control. We must be able to recognize and consider other people’s feelings as well as stop and think before we say or do something rash.

Anger Management asks us to find constructive, positive ways to deal with our anger so that we don’t hurt others or ourselves. Of course, we still need to be able to express anger. Holding it inside is both unhealthy and unproductive. Using stress-reduction techniques such as deep breathing, re-focusing, discussing, visioning and even exercising, children can think through solutions to frustrating problems and take safe and fair actions. Our students can also learn where they feel it when anger strikes so they can recognize the signs before they lose control.

According to the latest research, teaching anger management skills directly to students can promote a lifetime of less anger and lower blood pressure (Translational Behavioral Medicine, 2012). Those Health and physical education teachers who taught anger and stress management to their students found that students were better able to control their anger.

The study also revealed that the students’ anxiety level and blood pressure decreased in comparison to other students who were not provided with such anger management skills. Clearly this unit is very important to the health and wellbeing of our students.

Please keep us posted on how your children are integrating and applying what they are learning through our Powerful Words program! We want to work with you to help your children become their very best.

We look forward to partnering with you on teaching anger management this month!
Here’s to your success!

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