Dear Sidekicks Family,
I hope that this last part of your Spring Break is going well. I’m reading tweets and posts on facebook about everyone getting back into town after a great vacation. Most are glad to be back though!
Tomorrow (Saturday), we are holding classes in the order of our new schedule (if you don’t have the new schedule, download it here:
We’re also going to use tomorrow as a mini-school clean-up/workday. We have some projects that we’ve been putting off for a while now and it’s time to get some of them done. So you’re available tomorrow and would like to lend us a hand, meet here at the school at 10:30 AM. We’ll work for a few hours and get some of those projects on my list done.
Here’s a list of the things I would like to get finished:
1) Clean up and organize our third classroom. We’ve been using it for storage since the New Tampa school moved and it’s time to get it reorganized and back into being used for it’s original purpose…classes!
2) Remove the broken mirrors in the main classroom and throw them away.
3) Remove the old printers and copiers from the school (we can take them to the storage room, but they need to go downtown).
4) Install the rail on the wall that we had in the old location.
5) Main Goal: Clean one of the storage rooms we have across the parking lot. Move the stuff we want to use into the school. Move the stuff we want to save into the main storage room. Get rid of, trash, or give away the stuff we don’t want to keep. When we moved to our current location from the location on Lithia-Pinecrest, we had a lot of wonderful people help us move. We didn’t go through and purge everything and since we want to give up the one storage room, this seems like a good opportunity to get rid of stuff we don’t want anymore.
6) Touch up pain spots on the floor where the paint has chipped and on the wall where Mr. Cordy has been kind enough to patch the wall for us.
7) General spring cleaning. Clean base boards, Vacuum the seams between the mats, etc.
If you can join us, we sure would appreciate it. Teens, this could be fun! Of course, there’s pizza involved for those that come and help us.
See you tomorrow!

Mr. Cabrera