I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday.  Here’s some information for you so that you can be successful this week at Sidekicks.

1.  We’re going to be wrapping up the Powerful Word for March, Confidence, over the next two weeks.  I just posted a new article from Dr. Robyn Silverman, creator of the Powerful Words Program called "4 ways to boost your child’s confidence."  It’s packed with some powerful stuff in there and I encourage you to read it.

To read the article: http://sidekicks.me/2011/03/4-ways-to-boost-your-childs-self-confidence/

2.  This week is 3rd & 4th stripe Week.  Last year, we transitioned our testing calendar so that testing would be the last week of each quarter of the calendar.  This year, we’ll be transitioning from students earning 4 stripes on their belt in order to test to 3 stripes.  No we’re not eliminating any of the requirements, it just makes sense that because each testing cycle is three months that you earn a stripe at the end of every month.  Most color belt requirements have the 4th stripe covering the administrative stuff anyways so soon, we will redo the requirements so that all of the 4th stripe stuff is part of the 3rd (with some added awesome-sauce that Master Cabrera and I are working on).  Until then, we’re going to hold 3rd and 4th stripe week together.

Please note that your testing forms (Testing application, parent evaluation, & teacher evaluation) plus the testing fee are due by Wednesday of this week.  If you haven’t completed the Powerful Project for March, please do so ASAP.

3.  Next week is Testing Week!  This is what we’ve been working towards in class for the last three months and it’s finally almost here!  Normally, we cancel classes during this week because of testing.  However, this time, we’re going to try it different.  All classes (except for the Tuesday & Thursday black belt class, and there will be NO CLASSES on Friday 4/1) are on for the week of testing.  That’s right.  We’ll have testing in one classroom and classes in the other.  We’re also going to change the order of some of the test days.  Please pay CLOSE attention to when yours or your child’s test time is:

Monday 3/28: Jr. GREEN-RED BELTS @ 6 PM

Tuesday 3/29: Jr. White & Yellow Belts @ 6 PM

Wednesday 3/30: Little Dragons (All Belts) @ 6 PM

                         Adult Color Belts @ 7 PM

Thursday 3/31: Recommended Black Belts & Up @ 6 PM

4. Graduation (Promotion Celebration) will be held at 6:30 PM on Friday, April 1st at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church (on the corner of Bryan & Bloomingdale).

I really think we have some terrific students that are hard-working and really showing dedication to the martial arts and the community.  I’ve been trying to think of a better way that we could celebrate your family’s success when my mind landed on the way we used to celebrate new belt promotions when we first started out.  We used celebrate everyone’s new belts with a covered dish dinner.  However, our school’s explosive growth made that unfeasible to do at the school since there was no longer enough room.

However, the church we attend has been kind enough to let me throw you guys a celebration for all the hard work you’ve been doing.  It will be Friday, April 1, 2011 at 6:30 PM at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church on the corner of Bloomingdale and Bryan.  Please bring a covered dish, showing off your cooking skills!  A good rule of thumb is to prepare enough food that would feed your family, that will help ensure that we have enough for everyone.  To make sure we don’t have a whole lot of overlap, we have a covered dish sign up sheet at the front desk. 

Even if your family is new to the school, or you’re not eligible to test (because you’re a black belt) we want to see you there to help us celebrate as a school.  Our high ranks will be performing a special forms demonstration and as a special bonus, a good friend of mine, Nathan Coe Marsh, is a professional illusionist who will be dazzling everyone with an awesome set.

Please note: There will be regular classes Monday through Thursday.  However, there will be NO CLASSES on Friday, April 1st because of the graduation dinner.

Get Directions to the Graduation Event Venue: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=3315%20Bryan%20Road%20Brandon%2C%20FL%2033511&gbv=2&um=1&biw=1280&bih=653&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=il

Can’t think of anything to make?  Well, before you head to the store to buy something off the shelf, check out this website my wife showed me that has lots of great recipes we’ve tried that are also healthy: http://www.skinnytaste.com/

These next two items are still a distance off, but I think they’re good to know about now so you can begin planning for them –

5.  Spring Break FunCamp will be 4/25 to 4/29 AND Registration for Sidekicks’ Summer Martial Arts & Sports Camp has begun.  Every year, students have loved out camps.  This year, we’ve upped our game and our camps are beyond awesome and certainly on a higher, more exciting level than anything experienced in this area.  I really encourage you to take a look at our camps and register before the spots are scooped up.

To download the Spring Break FunCamp sign-up sheet (and find out what field trips we’re going on that week): http://sidekicks.me/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/spring-bre-funcamp.pdf

6.  Sidekicks will be hosting a charity martial arts tournament to raise money for fallen law enforcement officers on May 7th.  Registration hasn’t opened for this yet, but it’s going to be a lot of fun so look out for information coming very soon for this.

There are other things going on here at Sidekicks besides the stuff I just mentioned, so please visit the events page of our website at: http://sidekicks.me/members/events/

Choongsil! (Constant and Never-ending Improvement)

Manny Cabrera III

Fourth Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor

813 . 661 . 2224 (FishHawk) | mcabrera3@sidekicks-online.com

16633 FishHawk Blvd. Lithia, FL 33547 

Visit us on the web at www.Sidekicks-Online.com

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