Calendar of Events – Feb. 2010

February 1 â” 6: Stripe Testing Week (FishHawk Campus)
February 3 (Wednesday): Early Release Day (Hillsborough County)
February 5 (Friday): Fair Day (No School Hillsborough County) â” ALL DAY CAMP
February 6 (Saturday): UFC 109 Watch Party (10 PM ET â” Location: TBA)
February 8 â” 13: Bring-A-Friend Week in Class
February 8 â” 13: Boy Scout 100th Anniversary Week
February 12 (Friday): Buddy Bash â” 7 â” 11 PM
February 13 (Saturday): Kid Power Kick-a-thon for Haiti Disaster Relief â” 10 AM (FishHawk Campus)
February 13 (Saturday): Special Buddy Introductory Class â” 11:30 AM
February 15 (Monday): Presidentâ(tm)s Day Camp
February 17 (Wednesday): Early Release (Hillsborough County)
February 20 (Saturday): FREE COMMUNITY EVENT: Kid Power Bully Defense Seminar â” 10 AM
February 20 (Satuday): UFC 110 Watch Party (10 PM ET, Location TBA)
February 22 â” 27: Stripe Testing Week (FishHawk Campus)
February 27 (Saturday): Black Belt Club Monthly Seminar â” 10 AM

NOTE: Calendar of Events Subject to Change without Notice. You can find detailed descriptions of this information, plus the rest of the 2010 calendar by visiting our website at:

Energy Boost

If you wanted to raise your level of energy, what would you think about? What would you say, how would you act, how would you carry yourself, and what things would you focus upon?

Imagine being filled with so much positive energy that it overflows into the world around you. Think about exactly how that would make you feel.

Would you like to boost your energy level right now? You have everything necessary to do exactly that.

For in any and every moment, your energy level depends on the choices you make. The way you think and act and speak and feel all contribute to the amount of energy you have to work with.

A beautiful, genuine smile, for example, puts you at a much higher energy level than an angry scowl. Focusing on your highest vision gives you greater energy than filling your mind with worry, judgment and envy.

Your energy level is up to you, and you can always utilize that energy to do great things. Give yourself a positive energy boost now, and again and again, and delight in the rewards of a life well lived.

Weight Loss Competition Update (It’s a Hit!)

OurBiggest Loser style competition is off to a terrific start. All of the contestants are motivated, excited, and making positive changes in their lives.
After only 1 Week of competition, I’m sad and excited to say that even though I lost more than 10 pounds, I’m coming in at 3rd Place! Clearly, I underestimated everyone’s competitive spirit.
Currently, the leader board looks like this:
1) Elijah Heath, -4.27%
2) Denise Graf, -3.82%
3) Manny Cabrera III, -3.11% *
4) Dana Lana, -2.33%
5) Bill Ludka, -2.16%
6) Mara Shaugnessey, -1.8%
7) Liz Hanson, -1.76%
8) Penny Little, -1.49%
9) Laura Stone, -1.0%
10) Shara Lawson, -0%
11) Eric Follstad, No Record
12) Susie Jones, No Record
13) Scott Michie, No Record
Competitor’s, remember to stay super hydrated throught the competition. Not only does emerging research trend suggest that it helps with the weight loss process, but it also helps remove toxins and free radicals (from alcohol, prescription drugs, etc.) that got caught in fat stores and are now being released into your system as you burn that previously stored fat. It may just help you avoid headaches in these first few weeks.
With all this weight-loss excitement, our Warrior X-Fit classes are booming. If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to get in the best shape of your life, see an instructor or visit

Sidekicks to Host Kick-a-Thon Workshop for Haiti Disaster Victims

Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers is hosting a Kid Power Kick-a-thon and fundraiser for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The people of Haiti are desperate for aide in just about every aspect since their entire infrastructure has collapsed. This seminar will be hosted on February 13th at 10:00 AM at the FishHawk campus of Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers where kids from all over the community will be breaking boards, setting goals and raising money to donate to the non-profit organization.
You can pick up your donation packages beginning February 2nd. Theres only 2 weeks until this event, so lets get it in gear and try to raise as much money as we can.
For more information and to watch Mr. Cabreras special message:

Sidekicks is Your Personal Achievement Academy

Special Announcement!
We are excited to introduce a special character development program for all of the students.
It is called the Personal Achievement Academy. Every month you will receive a Personal Achievement Academy handout.
This handout is an incredible tool for educating yourself and your family on important Life Skills.
The front side of the hand out has special weekly lessons and the back side has cool missions the students can do.
These missions are the key to helping the students develop positive life changing success habits.
They are fun and the students earn points for each mission they accomplish.
On stripe testing week please bring in the Personal Achievement Academy handouts to the instructors.
Students are recognized by earning a stripe on their belt or a star for their uniform.
Students who get 300 or more points will get a Champion for Life Powerband!
Parents: Readers are Leaders! We recommend reading the lessons of the week and reviewing the missions together at bed time and at dinner time 2-3 times per week. This will make a tremendous impact on your children and the future of their success. This is a fun family activity that will benefi t your family greatly.
You can download this months Challenge, Martial Arts Athlete, by visiting:

Join Us this Saturday at Buffalo Wild Wings in FishHawk as we watch UFC 109 on Pay Per View

This Saturday, startign at 8 PM, well be getting together down at Buffalo Wild Wings on the corner of Boyette, Bell Shoals, and FishHawk Blvd. This is a fun opportunity for the adult students and parents together and watch these super athletes compete in the octagon.

The actual Pay Per View coverage doesnt start until 10 PM. However, according to the guys down at the Buffalo Wild Wings, the place fills up pretty quick, so thats why were going to get there at 8 PM. Seating is on a first come, first served basis, so youll want to get there around the same time as well. Theres no cover charge, just pay for what you consume.

Just so we know who to look out for when I get there, please send Mr. Cabrera an e-mail and let him know at (this doesnt reserve your seating, its just for our knowledge). People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older. Sounds like an event for the parents and their teen students.

Im excited about Saturday because, like last year when we started taking steps to do social events for our teens (weve always been terrific at events for children), were now putting together social outings for the adult segment of our student population.
See you Saturday for Fight Night!
For More information and to learn who’s on the card Visit:

Membership Drive still going strong!

Between now and April 15th, every time you refer someone to our program, either by giving us their information or they mention you specifically when they come in gets 1 ticket in our raffle drawing for an Amazon Kindle, the hottest e-book reader on the market.
To encourage you to take me seriously and sweeten the pot, so to speak, if during the Membership Drive four (4) of the families you referred to us sign up for our program at either one of our campuses, well reduce your monthly tuition by $50 for 6 months. Thats like giving you $300 cash!
For More information, Please visit:

About Sidekicks

Since 2003, SIDEKICKS Family Martial Arts Centers has been bringing communities like yours the very best in self-protection, character development, and fitness instruction. Our instructors are personally selected for not only their skill and achievement in martial arts, but also for their ability to effectively relate that knowledge and understanding to students of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, our instructors continuously undergo advanced training in self-defense skills, and each and every one keeps abreast of the latest teaching methods and human development.
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